My Longest Drive

15th Jan 2008, My first-born’s birthday.
Was happy to leave office early at 3:30pm, as we’re allowed to because of inclemental weather.
Word of the day: Inclemental
Anyways, I arrived at my wife’s office near Trade Center in Sheikh Zayed, spent few minutes to see the loo and off we go again on our way home.
I arrived at the parking lot around 5:30pm, good to have seen available spot.
After just few minutes of fast drive in rainy environment, we were greeted by the traffic jam the moment we got off the overpass bridge.
It was a crawl from WAFI City until Al Khan overpass, which was badly flooded.  I thought water would go inside our Corolla or water will stop the engine by clogging the exhaust, but we survived that.
We’re supposed to drop by Pizza Hut but the parking lot was flooded as well.  Again we plan to pass by Safeer Mall but also flooded.  Good thing traffic was very good after the Al Khan bridge, I was able to swerve to the exit near the traffic light and was able to go to Domino’s Pizza, which as I suspected was open.  Got a family combo, bit a quick bite as I was then very hungry.  I visited the loo again at Domino’s, then off we go home.
Found a nice spot near our flat for the download of food.  We brought the food up to our flat then I rush down again to park our car.
After parking, goes back home again, read ‘Our Daily Bread’, our birthday boy said a short memorized prayer, had few pictures taken, lighted the candle and the birthday box and little boy blew it, and dinner starts.

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