Emirates ID Process (See Photos)

Let’s start from looking for the place.
I’ve decided to apply at Al Barsha office as it is nearer my office.
It also seem more remote, which means shorter queue.
My wife actually recommended that place as her friends were able to process it there quickly.
A driver gave me direction on how to go to the place.
My wife told me the correct exit number in Sheikh Zayed, which is Exit 36.
I guess it’s the exit before Intenet Ciy.
Anyways, from Dubai towards Jebel Ali, take Exit 36.
On the exit, you should turn left to the tunnel going to Al Barsha.
There’s a stoplight after the tunnel and you have to go straight.
After the stoplight, after around one kilometer, you’ll see the ENOC gas station on the opposite side of the road.
Right next to the ENOC gas station is the Emirates ID office.
You have to go maybe another kilometer for the U-Turn.
You can park right in front of the Emirates ID office on a rough road.
It is safe since you’ll be on ENOC’s entry road when you go there and not directly at the highway.
Just a tip, get in and out of the parking to the main road side, the gutter is lower.
If you get out of the parking thru ENOC, it is more difficult.
The gutter is higher and the rough road is steeper.
In fact I hit the gutter twice passing there, you really have to slow down going down the gutter.
I recommend though you park at ENOC since they have much better parking.
I’m assuming of course that you’re arriving early and that ENOC still has parking spaces.
You can have cup of coffee at ENOC convenience store, since McDonalds opens around 10am.
You can then just take a minute walk to the Emirates ID.
The first time I arrived at the Emirates ID office, it was almost 9am.
I was told "No more number, come back tomorrow 7:30am".
The second time, I arrived at the place a little past 7 am and already, I’m number 135 in the queue.
Somebody said you have to list your name at the box near the closed entrance but it’s not really required.
The process is according to the queue and has nothing to do with the list.
See to it that you secure your queue first before you list your name.
Since I’m 135, it took me the whole day to finish the process.
My friend who is number 3 in the queue finished his application before 10am.
Guess he arrived around 6am, so early birds are definitely rewarded.
Office opens at 8am and starts the process.
You have to present your barcode paper and original passport at the guards in the entrance.
You again present your passport to the Information staff, who’ll give you your queue ticket number.
I was number 373 in the processing que.
They have TVs, good seatings, toilets and vending machines inside the office but no coffee available.
According to your ticket number, you can actually leave and just come back.
You just have to ensure of course that you’ll come back in time so you don’t have to que again another day.
A friend actually requested another person’s mobile number who plans to stay, just to enquire about the processing number.
Once your ticket number is shown on the ticker board, you have to go to the counter number specified.
You then have to submit your original passport and barcode paper.
You will be asked regarding your passport information.
Your document will be scanned.
You’ll then have to pay 100 dirhams for each vaid year of your visa plus 20 dirhams processing fee.
A receipt and a document will be given to you, which contains your pincode.
The pincode could be seen by transferring the tape from one box to another.
You then scratch the tape lightly with your fingernail and you’ll see numbers coming out.
Actually, I don’t know exactly what the pincode is for.
My guess is it’ll be for the ID, which you can later use as bank card.
You’ll then be told of the next counter number you have to go to.
The next counter would be where you’ll do the picture taking and finger printing.
All are electronics, so it’s neat, no messy inks.
You’ll be told when your picture is about to be taken thru a digital camera connected to a PC.
You can smile when taking picture but you’re not allowed to show your teeth.
After picture taking, you have to sign your signature on the digitizer.
I was asked to sign twice, I guess it’s standard procedure.
After signing, you transfer to the next chair in front of the scanners.
There are two sets of scanners, larger one for hands and smaller one specifically for thumbmark only.
Finger printing takes quite a while, as the software has to process and beep accordingly.
All your fingers, including your palms and pinky finger side of your hands will be scanned.
You’ll see your prints on the PC monitor of the staff, who’ll be holding your hands and fingers to guide you through each step of the scanning.
After the scanning, I was told that I will receive my Emirates ID in maximum 20 days.
You can then use the hand sanitizer dispenser at the exit door to disenfect your hands.
And that’s it, you’re done in an hour or a day, depending on how early you arrive.
BTW, you have another option in processing your Emirates ID: Go online!
You can acquire your appointment online and you don’t have to que.
You just need to come according to the appointment date and time and you’ll immediately be processed.
I plan to get appointment for my family and will post another blog on the process.
Please see my Emirates ID photo album go get a better picture of the place.
My guess is that other branches would look similar.
I hope this helps. 

Have a pleasant day processing your Emirates ID.


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