Deregister a Car in UAE


  1. Original driving license.
  2. Original registration card.
  3. Car plates. 
  4. Copy of passport.
  5. Copy of junk shop receipt.


  1. 15 dhs for typing.
  2. 70 dhs for RTA NOC (No Objection Certificate) for car deregistration.
  3. Whatever amount is your traffic fine.


  1. Find a shop that buy cars as scrap or for export.
  2. Agree on the amount and how car will be delivered to the shop.
  3. Give copies of Car Registration, your driver’s license and your passport.
  4. Get the payment and the copy of the shop’s trade license.
  5. Go to the car registration center (e.g., Al Qusais, Dubai).
  6. Go to the typing counter, submit required documents, pay and get typed document.
  7. Bring typed document to the customer service desk and get Q ticket.
  8. Go inside the processing room and wait for your Q number.
  9. Go to the counter that showed your Q number, show documents and get printout of fines.
  10. Go to Traffic Department office (e.g., near Al Mulla Plaza, Dubai).
  11. Go to the “Fines Section”.
  12. Fall in line, pay your traffic fines and get receipt.
  13. Go to RTA building (normally just next to the Traffic Department building).
  14. Go to the reception and get Q number.
  15. Go to the processing room and wait for your Q number.
  16. Go to the counter that showed your Q number.
  17. Submit documents including the car plate number, show driving license, pay 70dhs and get receipt and NOC.

2 thoughts on “Deregister a Car in UAE

  1. Mr.Phillips says:

    Dear Sir /Madam

    I need urgent advice and assistance to de register my car..It’s standing in’s registered in Abudhabi …Only documents I have is My passport and registration card and plates …..and shop slip ..bear in mind the the distance between Abudhabi and Ajman with reference to where it’s parked and registered in Abudhabi with Abudhabi plate .PLEASE advise urgently as I depart on Wednesday out of the country .

    Thanks for your speedy reply and assistance

    Kind regards


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    • Hi Mr Phillips,
      How are you?
      About deregisteration, as far as I remember, you just need to contact “junk shop” and they can pick up your car even give you forms to start legal deregisteration, complete with few hundred dirhams for junk owner :)
      I hope just like me, you also have mechanic friends who can lead you to such shop.
      Bon voyage!

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