Warranty Claim for My Company HP Laptop

21 Oct 2009

Received Survey email from HP for the services received.
Filled-up the Survey, commented as follow:

1. Courier pick-up and delivery was excellent :)
2. Would have been better if target date of completion was given right from the start.  I feel like if I won’t make follow-up call, no action would be taken :(
3. Customer Service doesn’t seem to have access to info regarding repair status as they have to transfer my follow-up to other departments.
4. We’re not able to contact the "800" number texted to me.
5. Unnecessary "Awaiting services" text messages was sent after I received "awaiting" message.

I forgot to mention that the unit was delivered to our office w/o my knowledge.


17 Oct 2009

Received the same text message from Redington.
Finally received the fixed laptop sent thru DHL.
Initial checks showed laptop is working fine but w/o the software previously installed.

06 – 17 Oct 2009

Received the same text message from Redington.

15 Oct 2009

I called HP Customer service, who transferred me to another department, who again transferred.
I was told that the unit is serviced and will be delivered soon and that I will receive call from them.
Received text message from Redington saying my laptop has been serviced and ready for delivery.
Received call from HP Redington saying my unit is ready for delivery and that I’ll soon receive call from DHL.
Received call from DHL asking my office location, which I gave them.

05 Oct 2009

Contacted HP Customer Care to inquire about status of my laptop.
Was transferred to another line, then to the Technical Support.
Was told that service is ongoing.
I enquired when the laptop would be delivered.
I was told to contact their Service Center no. 04 258 6058.
I contacted their Service Center but nobody responded.
Received the same text message from Redington.
Received a call from HP Redington saying my laptop will be repaired in 2 days.

04 Oct 2009

Received the same text message from Redington.
My boss contact their “800” number but was unable to talk to anybody.
HP Customer number was used to talk to them regarding status of my laptop.
I was told I’ll receive call from them regarding my laptop.
I did not receive any call from HP.

03 Oct 2009

Received the same text message from Redington.


02 Oct 2009

Received the same text message from Redington.


01 Oct 2009

Received text from Redington saying my laptop status is “Awaiting Services”.
Was also given HP Call Center No. 800154623.

30 Sep 2009

Called HP Customer Care to follow-up status of my laptop.
I was transferred to Technical Support who asked me of the Redington Case No.
I was told that status is ongoing and that I’ll receive call soon regarding status of my laptop.
I mentioned that my laptop warranty is only till today.
I was advised not to worry about that.
As I can remember, the date the unit came in, is what should be w/n the warranty period.

26 Sep 2009

I received text message from Redington Customer Care.
It says my laptop with case no. 0000000825 is received at the Service Center on 18:40.

24 Sep 2009

I decided to write the latest blog update on top.
From here onward, latest update would be on top for this blog item.

Today DHL finally arrive past 2pm to pickup the broken laptop.

I received a call from DHL prior to that, saying they’ll call for direction later if needed.
I guess they’re familiar with the place since the DHL staff arrived w/o any help.
DHL staff said that laptop could be returned by Tuesday or Wednesday.
Here’s DHL’s waybill:

23 Sep 2009

I received no call from HP so I called the HP number registered in my mobile from yesterday’s call.
I called around 12 noon and was told my call would be returned.
Somebody called me to tell me I have to wait further.
I called again before 5pm and was advised to follow-up tomorrow.

22 Sep 2009

Received call from HP Customer Care telling me that my laptop is scheduled to be picked-up.
It was scheduled for repair tomorrow, 23 Sep 2009 between 11am to 2pm :)
I was given the HP Case No. 8029847574.
I’m happy with their initiative so far, although am holding back my excitement, as I still have to see my laptop fixed.

Also received text message from Redington Customer Care regarding my HP laptop.
My RefNo was 0000000825.
Somehow I feel relieved to have that number considering all the preceding zeros.

19 Sep 2009

I received a call from a company that offers services for events.
This informed me that some company have office that I can enquire.
So even if its my day-off, I decided to contact HP.

Started w/ search on Google: “HP Warranty UAE”, “Contact HP” was the 1st entry.
There’s phone number so I called.
IVRS received my call, “Thank you for holding, your call will be answered shortly…”, few times now.
Good for me my landline got speakerphone.
It’s holiday here so I don’t really expect to have useful support.
After about 10minutes waiting for the customer support, I hang up.
That’s it for the day, I’ll retry by Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009, after the holidays.

Since I can’t talk to them, I decided to try online support.
I tried to login w/ the account I thought I’ve previously registered by no luck.
So I registered and was assigned temporary ID which I lost because my HP Mini hanged.
After some hassle w/ PN/SN not recognized, I was assigned this temporary warranty:


Now I have to find out that assigned ID since I think I need it to login again :(
OK that was easy.  There’s profile and in there below my name is my ID: WW321942.
But why do I need another system-generated ID?

Anyway, I’ll try to check if they’ve sent confirmation email to the address I’ve given them.
Cool, email was there with the info I’ve filled-in, except for the password for security reason.
Makes sense as I’m uncomfortable receiving my password in my email, which is what other providers do.

The confirmation email though is focused on sales, not much on support.
Deep down the email there’s mention of “additional services” and reminder that Compaq is excluded.
So far none useful but at least I seem to be moving.

Further browsing the ITRS site, I found “Report Hardware Problem” link.
I filled it up and following was assigned:

Case ID



2009-09-19 11:54:21 GMT+04:00

Problem description:
Won’t boot w/ hardware check and regular Windows startup.
Diagnostic says "#10008 – Replace Hard Disk 1".


Since I have limited warranty remaining time, I’ve selected to be contacted by phone, which is a missing info on below details.

Case details – case information


Case ID:

CM: Hard disk failure

Customer tracking number:

Support service identifier:

2009-09-19 07:54:20 UTC

Last updated:
2009-09-19 08:01:48 UTC


received by HP

Serial Number:

Product Number:


Logging out and checking how I could check in again, it’s good that they provide option to login w/ your email address, not just the system generated user ID.  They’re the only site so far I’ve encountered that offers choice of logging in standard or secured.  I just choose standard since for me, this is not really a matter that requires secured environment.  Usually I use secured when I do financial transactions.

17 Sep 2009

My HP Pavilion Laptop, which I bought last Eid holiday, just stopped working today.
Perfect timing as it’ll be Eid again in a day or 2.

After some testing, I found out that the Hard Disk stopped working.
I checked the warranty online using the serial numbers of the laptop.
I found out that warranty expires in about 2 weeks (see below screenshots).

It’s a weekend and holiday here so I’d probably be able to contact HP in the next 3 or 4 days.
I think I still got plenty of time to claim the warranty.

I’m hoping they fix the hard disk, salvage the data and the software installed there.
Looking forward to be up and running soon w/o much cost.
I hope telling them that am blogging this warranty issue would help expedite its repair.

Here’s some screenshots of this issue:

P180909_18.10 P180909_17.44 P180909_18.08_[01]  P180909_18.11 P180909_17.45 HP-2009-01-Warranty

What do you think?  Any comment on HP warranty claim?
I’ve chosen to buy HP last year as they have good image to me.
I hope this issue won’t change that outlook.


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