Our Canada Migration Process

15 Feb 2010 – COA (Canadian Orientation Abroad)

I booked by sending specific text message to the number the embassy provided.
I booked first Cristina, being the principal.
After I received her confirmation, I also booked for myself.
We’ll both be attending this seminar.

01 Feb 2010 – PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar)

I booked online but was unable to schedule us all at the same time.
I tried to call CFO’s office but was greeted by voice message and was unable to proceed.
My wife was able to contact them by phone and scheduled us all for this day.
This seminar completes all our requirements to migrate to Canada.
To view our photo album on this seminar, visit this link :)

25 Jan 2010 – Airline Ticket

I tried to buy ticket online but am not able to complete the transaction.
My wife got their phone number and was able to reserve for our family tickets.
Finally bought our e-Tickets.

22 Jan 2010 – Documents Delivery

Finally received our passports w/ visas and other required documentation sent by the embassy.
Reserved for PDOS online as I wasn’t able to talk to anybody on their phone numbers.
My wife was able to contact them by phone.
She was able to schedule the entire family to attend the same schedule.
We were given the control number for the slot we’re schedule to attend.

16 Nov 2009 – File Number Barcode for Passports

We’ve gone to the Canadian embassy to enquire about our File number.
The File number is the barcode given by the Canadian embassy in their first and last letter to the applicant.
This barcode should be affixed to each passport of the immigrants.
This is specified in the letter from the Embassy.

We bought sticker sheets from National Bookstore.
I copied and pasted 16 barcodes with width 6cm into a single page.
We printed and cut each barcode then pasted one to each of our passports.

Passports with barcodes are then all sent to the Canadian Embassy thru courier.

02 Nov 2009 – Passport Renewal

My old passport needs to be renewed into new brown passport with machine readability.
We’ve gone to DFA to renew my passport.
It was long but orderly queue, process as follow:

  1. Take passport picture.
  2. Fill-up form.
  3. Queue to have form stamped w/ queue serial number.
  4. Queue to have form validated and fee amount known.
  5. Queue to pay the amount and have OR.
  6. Queue to have OR validated.
  7. Queue to have form encoded and have claim stub.
  8. Optional: Bring stub to courier for passport to be delivered to your address,
    come back to DFA to claim passport.

Letters from Canadian Embassy:

  1. 24 Oct 2004 – Acknowledgement receipt of application for immigration to Canada.
    This letter arrived around 3 months after requirements were submitted.
  2. 01 Nov 2008 – Confirmation of interest to pursue migration to Canada.
    Reply letter should be sent within 90 days if you wish to withdraw your application.
    No further action needed if you wish to pursue application for migration.
  3. 13 Feb 2009 – Request for updated information and documents.
    Needed forms could be downloaded online and are specified in the letter.
    You have 60 days to advise Canadian Embassy if you wish to withdraw your application.
    Required documents need to be submitted to continue your application.
  4. 18 May 2009 – Medical examination instructions for immigrants.
  5. 18 May 2009 – Information and documents requirement to continue process.
  6. 18 May 2009 – Information requirement for my Police Clearances from Indonesia and Nepal.
    You have 60 days after receipt of their letter to have medical.
    Medical results are sent directly to the Canadian Embassy by the authorized medical clinic.
  7. 22 Jul 2009 – Check replacement for correct amount.
    First check issued according to their preliminary calculations needed to be updated on amount.
    This may not be needed in your case.
  8. 27 Oct 2009 – Visa ready to be issued and passports submission.
    The letter specified that new, machine readable passport is needed.
    You have 45 days to submit the requirements.

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