Canadian Driving

Ontario, Canada for G Class
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Sample Written Test G1 | Top 10 Reasons for Failing Road Test | Booking Online


  1. Book Appointment for written tests
    You need to submit at least two Canadian identifications.
    If you have a certificate of more than 3 years of driving experience, you will have the privilege of going for full G driving license after passing written test.  Otherwise, you have to go thru G2 and wait like 9 months before you can go for full G license.  Having a full G license reduces your vehicle insurance cost.
  2. Pass the two written tests: Road Signs and Rules
    You will be immediately issued a temporary G1 driving license after passing the tests.  Your actual G1 card will be mailed to you.  You can book for full G road test too.  Failing on any written test, you can immediately book to retake the failed test.  You have to pass both tests before you can move for next process.
  3. Book Appointment for the Road Test
    It would be better if you take your road test not on winter.
  4. Pass the Road Test
    It’s simply driving according to the examiner who will be beside you giving instruction as you drive. See to it that you follow all local traffic rules while you’re on road test.  If you fail on road test for full G, you have to re-take from G2 before you can re-take for full G.

That’s it.  Happy processing your Canadian Driving License :)
Go through below for details of my own experience.

Road Test G (G2 Exit Test) | top ^

Thu, 19 Jul 2012

Got my full G driving license card.

Wed, 04 Jul 2012

Finally made it.
Got few lapses in the residential area.
Car easily goes 50 at 40kpm speed limit.
At times I noticed it and corrected my driving.
Sometime I overspeed, which was duly noted.

I seem to have wrong timings on checking my "1-2-3" (rear-side-blind).
I notice my examiner was also checking as I do.
I suggest if you encounter the same situation, check again, ensure that your examiner sees you checking before changing lane or every 5 seconds on the highway.

I also got bit too close to the cyclist whom I did not notice during "left-turn-at-your-own-risk".
My guess is he was standing at the street corner and rode his bike mid-lane.
I actually have a safe space away from the cyclist but better avoid such situation.

Another advantage I had on this test was that I was closely following fellow tester.
Somehow I had early warning as we both go exactly the same route.
I advise if you happen to notice similar situation, don’t let the guy in front out of your site.
I actually was able to overtake the tester in front of me.
But by that time, we’re almost finished.

Wed, 13 Jun 2012

Got a bad start even from parallel parking.
Missed turning the steering wheel properly, accidentally turned on wiper.
That doesn’t have any deduction but somehow affected my confidence.
Had bad merge on the highway too, big 53 footer did not give way.
For some reason, I also maintained 80kph on 100kph speed limit.
That gives lot of distance to the car in front of me.
Also cars behind me kept overtaking left and right, so it’s not safe driving.
That’s the main reason for my failing this test.
I also thought the pedestrian crossing is like the zebra crossing.
With the Zebra Crossing mostly on crowded big supermarkets, you’ve to full stop.
Not so on pedestrian crossing without anybody on site.

To summarize, my failure was due to:

  1. Slow driving in the highway.
  2. Stopping at the pedestrian crossing.
  3. Not showing my "1-2-3" checking (rear-side-blind)

Road Test G Booking (G2 Exit Booking and Reschedule) | top ^

Mon, 11 Jun 2012

Called 416-325-8580 and was able to speak with staff after many automated details entry.
Was told that I have to pay the 75$ fee to reschedule as it was less than 48hrs already.
I tried many times earlier, online and by automated phone but wasn’t able to speak with representative as it requires lot of detail entry before you will be given option to do so, not to mention that you will be on hold for some time after you are able to get to that option.

Now I need to find a car I can use for the driving test.  I plan to borrow from our Pastor tomorrow for my Wednesday 8:25am Road Test appointment.  Plan B is to drop by car rental Tuesday evening so I’ll have car to use for the drive test.

Thu, 24 May 2012

Arrived at the centre around 3pm.
No queue so I immediately got my ticket number from the 2nd guy in the counter.
I was expecting I’d be able to select schedule of road test.
Instead, I was told to wait for my number at the next counter.
Bit disappointed by the lack of explanation.

Looking at my number and at the LED, seems like a long wait.
I visited the loo and when I come back, my number seem near.
Indeed, I was called after awhile.

I was billed $75, quite surprising but not choice so I paid cash.
Scheduled at earliest Monday, which I requested to be earliest Wednesday.
Was given 13 Jun schedule for road test.
Bit hesitant not knowing if car would be available early morning.
I’ve to accept the papers and was told to come 30 minutes before scheduled test.

Road Test G2 (G1 Exit Test) | top ^

Arrived at the centre around 30 minutes earlier as instructed, 24 May 2011.
Parked car near the test centre office.
Proceeded to the “Road Test” counter as there’ no queue, unlike the Registration counter that has very long queue.
Was asked of the plate number and car brand/model, I wasn’t sure of the plate number.
I was instructed to park the car at designated road test parking lot and provide the plate number and parking lot number.

I parked my car in lot number 8, confirmed my plate number.
Got back to the “Road Test” desk.
I gave the info and was instructed to wait for the examiner in the car.
I waited outside the car as it was fine weather.
A lady approached me asked me if I have car.
I had the impression that she wants to borrow car.
I told her I have a borrowed car and I can’t lend it.
She clarified that she needed car to rent.
I told her I don’t have such car so she goes looked elsewhere.

At my 2:20pm time, the instructress arrived.
I was told to stay inside the car for signal lights testing.
I was instructed to activate the left-turn signal light, then the right-turn.
Finally the brake light was tested, all went well.
She went inside the car, introduced herself, buckled up and told me not to get nervous.
I told her I have to, I am taking the road test.
She assured me nothing to get nervous, I won’t be asked to do something illegal.
She noticed my granddaughter’s picture in the dashboard.
She said my granddaughter’s pretty and she’s my good luck charm.

I was then instructed to go turn left when I’m ready.
So I did, then turn right and another right as my previous exam.

I was asked to park the car, I haven’t even completed the foot-brake and was already instructed to go.
I was asked to do a 3-point turn, which I did this time completely checking all sides.
I ensured that there’s neither car nor people around before executing it.

I was then instructed to go and was asked to do a parallel parking.
It was just in time when the car is in position for said parking.
Quite easy parallel park because the cones are near the sidewalk.
I would have been pressured to be more precise in parking correctly if cones were positioned where cars would be.
But since I got plenty of space to maneuver, it was done quite easily.

Then we go off the road, I was instructed to turn right, which I did.
I was then instructed to turn left on next intersection and was asked to park.
I was asked to park like in the uphill.
I thought I’ve to go the driveway on the other lane which has small inclination.
I was told to just imagine the uphill, no need to go to real uphill.
So I turned the wheels to the right, imagining the car to go by the side if it slides.

I was asked then asked to drive forward, I kept checking that I run only 40kph.
We passed by Mandarin, I told my instructress just now I figured where it is and how to go there.
My instructress said she also likes said Chinese food restaurant.

Within that stretch, I was told I was running slow at 40.
She reminded me that if there’s no speed limit sign, you can go up to 50kpm.
So I sped up to 50, not for long anyway as intersection was close and I was told to turn left.
Still, I got marked “speed: slow for conditions”.

I remember you’re allowed to go 20 above speed limit on good weather.
And it was fine afternoon we had our road test.
I still don’t think you have to be marked if you’re running within speed limit.
If maybe I’m driving at say 10 or 20 at 50kph speed limit, then maybe I deserve the mark.
But speeding within range?
Anyway, my mark is like “improvement needed”, like not really “fail”.

I was then told to turn left again but I was distracted by the car in front of me.
For some reason, I thought I would be tested for my distance with the car in front of me.
I followed the car in front of me and thought of stopping around 1 car length away as it required in my previous road test.
It completely slipped my mind that I need to turn left.
I just had a kind-hearted instructress who reminded me that I need to turn left.
In my defense, the intersection was under construction and lines are hardly visible.
The intersection even has 3 manhole covers like 2 inches above the road.
At any rate, I got marked “lack of skill” on ” improper use of lane” and “late into lane”.

As I turn left, I mentioned that this is what I find dangerous in driving here.
Then we turn again in one corner and I was driving at 50 and she told me we’re in a school zone.
I scanned the area earlier and did not notice any school signs but few school buses.
Maybe one reason why I got “fail to  check blind spot” mark (need improvement).
I slowed down to around 30, I’m not sure actually what should be the speed at school zone.

After the school zone, I’ve to turn right at Steeles.
I did full-stop, checked for pedestrians, proceeded and kept checking the highway.
It was fine as I came from a lane that have the “Go” signal.

We turn right again, I’ve to full stop as another vehicle’s turning.
I seem to have the right of way but I yielded anyway to avoided collision.
Going in, there’s stop sign so I see to it that I do full-stop.
What I kept assuming was that I’m in a 3, 4 or all-way stop sign.
My guess was that I’m supposed to yield to the vehicles with the right of way.
But since the vehicle with the right of way stopped too, I proceeded, keeping on my assumption that it was a 3-way stop sign.
Again on the next 2 corners are the stop signs, I did full stop but my mind was fixed on 3-way intersection.
Good thing there’s no more vehicle and the other one was turning away from me.

I should have been in trouble if on the last stop sign, the vehicle goes forward.
That’s because I thought it’s a 3 way stop, I was expecting it to stop so I turned ahead.
Good thing the vehicle turned right away from me.

The thing is, if there’s a stop sign, you’ve to be full stop and yield the road to vehicles with the right of way.
Unless you see a 3, 4 or all-way intersection sign, only then you can expect other vehicles to take turns in going.
In such intersection, you can enforce your turn.
If it’s just a stop sign, I think you have to yield, full stop, proceed only when clear.

We drove back to the parking lot.
I was instructed to park at the road test lots anywhere I prefer.
I parked on the number 6 as adjacent lots were open.
My instructress congratulated me, telling me I passed.
Told me to queue inside for my temporary license.
I thank her, got out of the car, gave the key to my nephew who accompanied me.

Inside, there’s long queue on the road test desk.
One gentleman told me to get to the empty desk next to the long queue.
I waited there then the guy next counter asked me if I passed.
I said yes and he told me to go to him and wait a second.
I said take your time then gave my yellow paper after awhile.

We chatted a little, mentioned that they’re busy each day and there’s no sign of slowing down.
Agreed that they’re in fact growing, maybe needing more branches soon.
He gave me back my yellow paper with the temporary license and put sticker to my G1 license.
I thanks him and shook his hand and that’s it for the day.

Road Test G2 Booking | top ^

I tried many times to book online but failed.
The automated responder is quite annoying to deal with too.
I finally was able to talk to a person, only then succeeded, details as follow:

Book Datetime: 03 May 2011, 9:56am
Road Test: G1 Exit test to get G2 license
Receipt No.: 192704 ($40)
Road Test Schedule: May 24, 14:20
Phone number: 416-325-8580

Wrong amount was charged, refunded and above amount finally charged correctly.  Was told that the amount is being earmarked on the credit card but not yet taken. My guess is it’ll be charged on the day I go for the test, or maybe 2 days before, which time no more refund allowed.

Road Test 1: | top ^

From parked car, I was told to turn right at the corner.
Another right turn and was told to stop while we’re still in the parking area.
My mistake was that I parked but did not put the gear on “P” and did not activate the park brake.
Examiner noted it down of course then told me to do the 3 point turn.
I checked the road by looking at my left, blind corner and my right.
I turned the signal light to turn left then started my 3 point turn.
My mistake again after the left turn is that I did not check the other side of my rear.
I just turn my signal light to turn right backing up, but missed checking the other side.
When backing up, you should check behind you from your right side then from your left side.
That includes using the side mirror and the rear view mirror on top of turning your body to look behind.
After the 3-point turn, off we go to the road.
For those not familiar with 3-point turn, it is simply our u-turn.

On the road, quite plenty of time given to change lane.
Instructor said: “If it’s safe to do so, please change lane to the right” or to the left as required.
Actually, I was quite annoyed by having to hear and do it many times.
But you have to be patient and always check thru your rear view mirror, side mirror and blind spot.
Checking the blind spot is done by looking over your shoulder after you look at the side mirror.

I was then instructed to exit to the highway.
I got comment that I did not turn well being not in the center of the road.
Their turning road that merges to highways are mostly single lanes here.
You also have to observe the speed limit while turning.
You’ll be approaching it from mostly 70kph and have to slow down to 40kph.
You have to see to it though that from mostly 40kph, you have to accelerate to 100 kph within the given distance.
Once on the merging road, you have to signal left, accelerate, check that it’s safe then enter the highway at required speed.

On the highway, I again was instructed: “If it’s safe to do so, please change lane to the left”.
I’ve already anticipated that I’ll be reversing that action again and again.
I think I’ve done this well, always checking rear view mirror, side and blind before smoothly changing lane.

Now it’s time to go back to streets from the highway.
You always have to check that you have the green light before proceeding.
That applies on all right or left turns.
If you turn right while on red signal, even if the road is clear, that’ll be traffic violation.
The examiner would gladly mark your test result to fail for that.
I made that mistake so you don’t have to.

Another mistake I made was turning left ending in the fast lane.
Since I’ve been receiving instructions to “change lane if it is safe to do so…”, I was like waiting for said instruction.
So I stayed in the fast lane and that’s another deduction on your test result.
When you’re in the fast lane and you don’t intend to pass/overtake, you have to safely switch to slower lane.
And you have to do it on your own this time without the usual “if it is safe to do so…” instruction.
Even though the rule says: “You won’t be told to do something illegal”, you won’t also be told avoid it.
You’re on your own when it comes to right driving, don’t expect instruction to avoid doing illegal.
I even asked my examiner about that right turn on red signal but was just told: “it is up to you…”.
I could have easily avoided that mistake had I been instructed not to.
But I’ve to understand business is business, just unfortunate for me to learn from my own mistake.

On the stop signs, you’ve to do full stop for around 3 seconds.
I executed one that’s what we call “rolling stop” and the examiner duly noted it in my test result as another mistake.
Normally, stop signs is accompanied by pedestrian crossing.
You actually have to stop twice, one for the pedestrian and one for the road.
On both stops, you’ve to look left-right-left or right-left-right, depending on where you’re turning.
This means that you have to double-check both pedestrian lanes and roads before proceeding.
Miss it and you’ll have “another nail in the coffin”.

Another note in my test result is driving at uneven speed.
You’ve to drive at smooth even speed then on any road, streets or highways.
At all time, you’ve to ensure that you’re not driving over the speed limit.
Most residential roads here are 40, bigger streets at 60 and highways at 100kph.

Peculiarities of traffic here:

1. Left turn at your own risk.
This goes at most intersection, except on few with specific left-turn signal light.
This applies at the intersection where you need to turn left and you have the green light going straight.
In such case, you can drive till near the middle of the intersection.
While there and “if it is safe to do so…”, you can turn left.
Normally, it’ll be safe to turn left when your signal light turns yellow.
That’s when the oncoming vehicles normally slow down to stop.
That gives you plenty of time to turn left before cars in your left makes their move.
You don’t have to wait for yellow light though.
When you see that there’s no more car or next one is at safe distance, you can turn left.

2. All Way, 4 Way or 3 Way Intersections.
In bigger intersection, there’s signal light where red keeps blinking on all sides.
On most smaller intersection, there’s only a stop sign at each corner.
Both goes like “First to stop, first to go”.
That means that all vehicle stops at the intersection, for a 3 second stop.
Whoever stops first is the first to go.
You have to watch cars around you and you have to be prompt on your turn.
You also have to be assertive to take your turn and not be “too cautious”, which could cause you to fail.

3. Flashing Headlight Means Go Ahead
Where I used to drive, in the Philippines and in the Middle East, otherwise applies.
My previous understanding of flashing headlight is: “Give way, I need to go” or “I’m going ahead” or passing/overtaking.
In here, when you see them flashing their headlight, that means they’re giving you the way.
That means they stop so you have to go ahead.
Just as in other countries (except I guess in Germany), many drivers here also drive slow on the fast lane.
I’ve been tempted to do the “blink, blink” to indicate that I want to drive ahead but choose to be patient.
I really am not sure how the slow driver on the fast lane would interpret my flashing light.
Many times I just patiently wait to have the lane safe for passing.

4. School Bus Full Stop
When their school bus here is stopping with flashing light on top, all lanes should stop at safe distance.
This also applies to public busses except that only for the car right behind the bus have to stop.
With the school bus, all vehicles at same or opposite direction have to stop.
Vehicles can only go when the school bus turns off the flashing light.

Written Test for G1 | top ^

Que at the Customer Service desk to get que ticket.
Present following requirements:

  • Valid ID
  • Driving license certificate

Once you have your que ticket, wait for your number to appear at the overhead LED with designated booth number.
Go to the booth assigned to your ticket number.
Present again the requirements to the staff at the booth.
Fill-up “Application for Ontario Driver’s License” form given by the staff.

Pay the 85$ fee, as follow:

  • Knowledge test = 10
  • Licensing = 75

As instructed, go to the photo area as directed and have your picture taken for your driving license.

As instructed, go to the booth with Vision Test machine to take your test.  First test are series of 6 or 8 numbers visible on the machine and you have to tell the examiner what are those numbers.  You have to be careful in reading the numbers, some numbers look the same.
After the numbers, yellow and red lights that appear.
You have to tell whether they appear on your left or right side.
Sometimes, you’ll be asked what color appears.

After the Vision Test, the examiner will give you 2 sets of test papers as follow:

  • Signs Test
  • Rules Test

Both are 20 items each, passing is 16, multiple choice, you have to select the correct answer out of 4 or 5 options.

For practice, free online test which have similar questions are available, as of this writing, from this link:

You have plenty of time to finish the 2 sets of exams, so take your time and make sure of your answers.
In the online where you’ll click on the radio button to make your choice.
In the actual test papers, you have to write in the box the letter you’ve chosen as your answer.
Once you’re finished with the tests, put your paper in the submission tray designated by the examiner.
Test results would be available after few minutes of your submission.
If you need to retake the exam, you’ll have to pay another 10$ for each re-exam.

Once you pass the written test, you’ll be issued temporary G1 driving license.
The actual driving license card will be sent to the address you specified in the form.
You’ll be told it’ll arrive after 2 weeks or so.

You can book your Road Test, which is the counter just across the “Customer Service”.
My own blog on Road Test to follow after I’ve completed it.
For now, I’m still familiarizing with the area.
I will schedule my Road Test after I receive my Temporary Driving License Card.
It was comforting to know that on my Road Test, I won’t be instructed to make wrong actions on the road.

Driving License card arrived 2 weeks after as was told.

For photos, please visit my online photo album for this activity: Driving License – Ontario’s Written Test.


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