MicroSkills I Leader Seminar

Click to view photo album...The smiles speak volume of the seminar, eh?  I enjoyed so much the proceedings, especially that it’s free and with very nice hand-outs.  And judging from all the smiles on the picture, I’d say it was a successful seminar.  I’ve rated it mostly excellent but it should have been great if it comes with free small snacks as well, just as in the first 3-day seminar I’ve attended.  Seems though work cultures here doesn’t encourage such siestas.  Besides, snack bars are just few steps outside.

On the content side, I’d say very relevant from a speaker who had no English coming here.  Very much an inspiration to attendees who speaks English already, never mind the accent.  The discussions, group works and presentations sure did help a lot in simulating actual work environment.  The learning regarding local work culture sure would come in handy when we’ll be in our own workplace, which I hope and pray that’ll be soon for us all.

I’ll be attending another set of schooling soon.  This time longer sessions from 9am to 2:30pm for 8 weeks.  The beauty of the schooling is the coop after completion, improving the chances of getting a permanent job, which is pretty much what’s really needed by newly landed immigrants.  Also, they’ll refund transportation costs, a very much needed financial help.  I’ll just be posting separate blog on this.

I mentioned the schooling I’ll be attending just to see the pros and cons compared with the seminar we’ve just finished.  I’d say short courses are beneficial to those who’ve already part-time job or those who still have financials to survive.  It’ll be fantastic if we can leverage the knowledge of how easy it could actually be if we aim high.  Having not much "luck" on said strategy though, I choose the "slowly-but-surely" strategy until such time that I can have some "breathing space" for the higher goal.

Lastly, I’d like to thank our speaker for sharing with us his own experience in succeeding in Canadian environment.  I’ll always have with me the insights and learning and hopefully can soon share success stories.  I also strongly recommend it to any newly-landed immigrants or to those who would just like to learn.

Hoping we keep in touch and help each other to attain our own goals.  It’d great to hear success story from the group according to the action plan we presented.  Thanks for any comment and God bless us all!!!


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