Batch 23 Nov 2010 – Field Trip

On my way home from Finch Station riding TTC bus 60C to York University, I rode with lots of little children, 40 maybe 50 of them packed like sardines with me inside the bus.  Of course they were with their maybe 5 adult guardians or teachers.  My guess was that they were on their way back to school from their field trip.

Reminded me of a classmate who requested fieldtrip with our ELT group.  Somehow before, I’m quite reluctant to go for field trip, concerned with the safety of each individual.  Looking at those little children with not a slightest of worry rather enjoying the tight bus ride, one child even goes from one end of the bus to the other, I guess my adult classmates, myself included, would also enjoy similar field trip.

My first recommendation is field trip to nearby public library.  Some of our classmates who are already familiar with the place could guide most of us who will be going there the first time.  Second, a trip to my community centre in Brampton, where we could have our lecture there, maybe I could present, say a 15 minute demo on "Blogging" like this, or we just play badminton/table tennis.  Third, field trip to "Chinatown Toronto", where we can shop for our exchange gifts.  Any other suggestions would be welcome.  The rest of the group can then choose from those options.

I’m not sure though if we’re allowed a day to spend outside our ELT classroom.  Myself, I’d like to be on a field trip with the troop, as long as there won’t be much expenses involved.  I guess it’ll be a hilarious field experience for everyone.

Feel free to comment.  Hopefully we can arrange something by next week before we go on holiday vacation.  Bon Voyage!!!


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