Batch 23 Nov 2010 – Exchange Gift

Hello batchmates, teachers and Job developers.  I’ve created this blog for us to have a common place to touch base.  I’m hoping each would comment just to keep in touch.  Also, I would like to share with everyone my own knowledge and experience of above-subject.

Exchange Gift is in our country also called: "Kris Kringle" or "Monito/Monita".  We had lots of fun back in our offices in the Philippines with this holiday tradition.  We refer to "Mommy/Daddy" as the giver and the receiver the "Baby".  If the "Baby" does not receive gift, we tease the anonymous parent.  We had a box in our lobby where anybody can drop or pickup their gift.  We were required to give gift on a daily basis for like 2 weeks. The "parent" is finally revealed on our Christmas party with the final gift to their "baby".

With our ELT group, I guess it is the first time for some.  Having been on more demanding situation, am sure is relieved that we’re only required a gift on the final day.  To my "baby", my apology this early for a gift not much of financial value as we are all still in job-hunting mode.  I’ll try to make it rather more memorable though :)

On a deeper older meaning that I can recall on gift-giving, I believe the tradition came from the 3 kings when they each give a gift of gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus.  The last two are middle eastern stuff that maybe some of our folks can explain better.  Jesus of course is the Lord and Saviour of the Christian faith.

Hoping for everyone to drop a line or two to "Leave a comment".  Last time I checked, everyone can comment.  Comments are immediately posted too but I know I still have to approve it so it’ll be displayed and be available to others.

Happy holidays :)


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