Top Ten Companies

01. CMiC (Computer Methods International Corp.)
4850 Keele Street, North York, Ontario M3J 3K1
Attention:  Sarah Weisbrod

Remarks: Application through Workopolis submitted Oct 2010, no feedback.  Number 1 choice being involved in software for construction and is located near York University, where I plan to take enrol later.

02. Toromont

Dana Landers
Office 416-667-5717

Remarks: Have a friend working in this company, applied and had phone interview with HR.

03. BMO

Remarks: My wife recommends I also apply to this bank where she works.

04. TD Bank

Remarks: Previously and currently coordinating with my friends who work in this bank.

05. Winners

Remarks: Emailed application through a friend who said I’m over-qualified.

06. Staples

Remarks: Previously applied online.

07. Canadian Tires

Remarks: Talked to a friend who works there, applied online and plan to follow-up later.

08. MKS

Remarks: Previously applied, panel interviewed and have no response.

09. Adecco

Remarks: Referred by classmate, interested and plans to submit application mid Jan 2011.

10. Germany

Remarks: Had good Skype interview with a guy and promised feedback after Jan 2011.


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