Like an Eagle with Wings Spread Wide

MyFlight The title is figuratively speaking of the pose, done so with the knowledge that the area is covered.  Having checked the camera earlier and seeing what it can take after 10 seconds, I was confident of such "flight".

Somehow signifies my feelings after 8 weeks of learning in a professional yet fun, friendly and caring environment. To start with, the free TTC tokens and in my case extra Brampton bus tickets, show concern and sensitivity to the financial difficulty of newly landed immigrants. For me, that was the main reason for enrolling to the course. So far, I haven’t seen similar offering for free classes.

The lengths of time seem longer than what other programs require but for me, it is better for people to know me well. Besides, anytime you find a job, you’re free to go and in fact, it is being encouraged. We even had a classmate who just attended for a day and goes to a job the following day. That’s in contrast with other institutions that require much shorter time but either tie you with the duration of their offering or doesn’t equip you much to survive the Canadian working environment.

Another very good reason for joining this institution is in having job developers that work with you in finding your desired job. Hopefully, they won’t be like other institution that drops you like hot potato when things go wrong.  So far though, all’s putting in more efforts in serving not only clients assigned to them but also the rest of the clients.

I have very small improvement on the grading system but it doesn’t matter to me, having enjoyed the entire sessions anyway. There are many things I find invaluable: the smiles and the laughter (mostly generated by yours truly : ), the potluck, the pictures and video takings, the family-like treatment of each other, the sharing of cultures, sugar, coffee, tea, etc., all are unforgettable memories I’ll always cherish.  Oh by the way, pardon this writing of mine, it is simply to convey my thoughts and perception, thanks to MS Word for spelling but actually myself oblivious of correct grammar.

Seriously now that the classroom is graduated into offices, I can’t help but envy those who had found their jobs. For us who still have to go through our 6 weeks placement, somehow a relief knowing we’ll always have bunch of ELT network, counting on their help to get us through until we each find our own jobs.

To our teachers and staff, rest assured of our gratefulness and support of your organization. My bus-mate friend once said negative thoughts about groups offering employment services. Naturally, I disagreed and explained how useful these are to people like me. Of course I need not mention what I had in mind then: “and what have you done for us?”.  Somehow though I can’t figure out exactly why so many such organization offering similar job search services.  Can’t do much other than think that competition makes better.

For me, much was taught by TDSB (Toronto District School Board): I am more confident now of dealing with prospective employer, am pretty sure now that I would survive GTA winter, more knowledgeable of commuting by buses and subways, even maybe street cars.  I can also relate with a classmate who told me of being more hopeful and emotionally stronger now, not feeling down and anxious as what we had gone through with other institution supposedly with similar goal.

For our pictures, please visit these links:
Graduation: Ceremony | Awarding | Group Pics | Solos and Duos
Potluck and Party: Potluck | Christmas Party

Lastly, my heartfelt gratitude to the TDSB folks for everything shared during our few months of being together. My apologies for not mentioning your names, this is to maintain anonymity and respect your privacy. I’m sure though that if you have the patience reading till here, you know who are: my Ma’am, Sir, Boss, JDs, receptionists, it was a pleasure being your client, student, little boy, joker, newspaper boy, early morning hot waterer : ) and all.  So help us all God the rest of our professional endeavour in Canada.

Thank you, merci, salamat, xie xie, shoukhran, muchas gracias, arigato, terimah kasih, danyabat, danke, spaciba…


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