Ilan sa mga napansin kong unique sa lugar na to :)

Left Turn at Your Own Risk
This is legal here in most intersections, except on those with specific left turn traffic light sign.
Traffic is "Go" but you can stop and wait in the middle of the intersection.
As soon as you see it safe, you can turn left.
In below figure, Vehicle 2 could turn left after vehicle 1 is gone and it is safe to turn left.

All Way, 4 Way or 3 Way Stops
When I first arrived at our place near the corner where traffic light’s red is always blinking.
I thought it was broken but it actually is normal here.
The rule goes like: First come, first serve.
That means, the first to arrive and stop at the intersection will be the first to go.
In below figure, all vehicles stops at the intersection.
Since Vehicle 1 arrives first, it’ll be the 1st to go.
Vehicle 2 has to stop too and wait until vehicle 1 is gone before it can proceed.
Should there be any pedestrian, they go first.
So if there are pedestrians with Vehicle 1, Vehicle 2 can go ahead.

Transfer Ticket (Click to view slideshow)
When you ride public bus and your destination needs more than one bus ride, you can ask for transfer ticket and use it to arrive at your destination.  Normally, the transfer ticket is valid for 2 hours, within which you can ride any bus using the same ticket.  In my place, there are times I use previous days ticket and at times they don’t mind and will still let you ride.

Full Stop School Bus
When school bus is by the roadside with flashing yellow lights at the back and in front, vehicles have to fully stop on all lanes in both directions.  Some school buses have yellow and black colored stick or rod that opens up when on stop.  School buses are normally unloading school children passengers when they stop on the road side with flashing lights and rod opened.  Said passengers have priority over the vehicles in crossing the road.  Big penalty are charged, even demerits points for those who violates this rule.  Vehicles in both directions can only go when the School bus flashing yellow light is turned off, rod tucked in and is already driving away.

Public Bus Rules
When you’re driving right behind the public bus, you can’t overtake them when it stops to unload passenger.  Vehicles after you can do so.  Actually, you may also overtake if you’re like 10 meters away from the bus.  You also have to yield to buses signalling to turn left or right.

Black Ice 
We’re familiar with "Slippery when wet" but with black ice, it is slippery wet or dry.  Black ice is thin layer of ice that freezes on the road or on the sidewalk/walkway/footpath and is quite dangerous being very slippery.  It is almost impossible to stop a car that’s sliding on black ice.  Walking on a seemingly dry or all wet pavement, a patch of unnoticeable black ice could make you fall down.  It actually is wet but being too thin, you could hardly notice it on a mostly dry pavement.  That almost got me on a very dangerous fall, good for me I was able to regain my balance and prevent the slip.  I then walked on wet pavement, thinking it is safer and that what made me finally fall.  Black ice exists on both wet or seemingly dry pavement.

Expensive Vehicle Insurance
The cost of vehicle insurance here costs like 10x more compared to our country or the middle east.

Look ’em in the Eye
When you’re talking to each other, you have to look them in the eyes, otherwise they will think that you are lying.

Do You Have Time?
Normally we’ll just ask what time is it?  With them here, they will instead ask "Do you have time?".

Knock and Wait
Even though door is open, you still have to wait and be acknowledged before you can proceed and discuss your business.  This especially applies if you’re dealing with the boss or higher folks in the office.

No Pic Resume’ and 2 Page Max
That would be discrimination if you put your picture on your resume’.  You are also limited to 2 pages or it won’t even be read.

Street Names
Crt – Court
Cir – Circle
Pl – Place
Dr – Drive
Rd – Road
Tr – Trail
Crs – Crescent
Pkwy – Parkway
St – Street
Ave – Avenue
Hwy – Highway

Secret Pocket
We’re used to the secret pocket with our jeans that no secret at all as it could be seen anyway.  In here, or at least with my kid’s school uniform, their pants have pocket literally on their pocket, i.e., a small pocket inside the front pocket.  That makes it more of a secret pocket that what we used to know.  I’m not sure though if it is standard to other pants.  Maybe it’s just a gimmick of the school where my kids are going to, to justify the very expensive cost of their uniform.

Power Outlet Switchimage
In the apartments we’ve stayed, some of the electrical power outlets have their own switch.  Quite convenient as you can switch on/off appliances or gadgets plugged at the outlet.  Although some electrical outlets in the Middle East also have their own switch at the outlet itself, I find it more convenient here being at the regular switch location.  Electrical outlets here are similar to what we have in the Philippines, the American standard electrical connections.  Most of the outlets they have here though have the 3rd grounding hole.


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