Cloud Based Computing – Higher Level

The technology had been with us for few years now maybe even a decade, but the term "Cloud" was just recently popularized.  So how is it at higher level?

While I won’t pretend to be a tech expert on the subject, I sure can share a few thoughts on how to utilize the free facilities currently available in the internet.  Later in this writing I would share with you a file that you can write on, for a taste of the cloud-based file.  Please note that said online file is shared with the public.  I would appreciate positive remarks or constructive criticism but not "offensive" words.

To explain using "Cloud" computing, I would create a scenario that we may all be familiar with: Sending a document for updates that is to be returned to the sender.  Below is a rough illustration of how a single document multiplies for each iteration of update, compared to a single file that the Clouds utilizes, regardless of one or many update iteration.

Other than that, with emails, you have to use separate software to create your document, say MS Word.  You create it local (1) then attach to your email (2) and send to its destination.  The receiver will have it in their email (3) and needs to download the document locally (4) so it can be updated.  It then have to be attached again to email (5) and send back.  The receiver again have it in their email (6) and downloads it locally for further processing or archival (7).

On the other hand, if it is in the Clouds, the file is created online and shared with recipient.  Only the link is sent to the people involved and all works only on a single file.  Each update done is automatically made available to everyone.


So, wanna give it a try?  Here’s link to the sample document in the clouds:

Oh by the way, your changes are automatically saved in above document in the clouds, so you don’t have to click the diskette button. Once you’re finished, you can just close it or download it as needed.



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