Cookbooks and Cookies

imageThis is actually a technical writing yet I can’t help but relate to above title on the topic I’m about to discuss.  In the "Physical" world, we don’t need much explanation knowing a cookbook is a book about cooking food while cookies are those sweet, round usually chocolate coloured and flavoured pieces of food.

Pardon my "Physical" reference, please read on for a better understanding of my using said term.  Back to the topic, between cookbooks and cookies, I would always love to have my hands on the cookies.  I understand though that there are people who would rather have the cookbooks.  As a commercial of one of the popular restaurant goes, the chef said something like: "I love to see people enjoy the food I cooked for them".  Awesome person, my guess is he’s gone through lots of cookbooks in preparing those meals, to the point of preferring cookbooks over cookies.  Myself though, I just enjoy having cookies :)

Now getting on to the actual "Digital" topic, I noticed that recently, there are many computer books that uses "Cookbook" for it’s title.  To me that’s a welcome relief compared to the "for Dummies" series.  Cookbooks just sounds more delicious and appetizing.  As such, I can say it would make learning, especially what seems like complicated computer stuff, rather easier and more interesting to learn.

At this point, I hope I’ve made my point clear in using the term "Physical" vis-a-vis "Digital".  While cookbook means like: ingredients, grating, cutting, boiling, simmering, marinating and finally eating; it could also mean like: type this, click that, double-click them, further detailed instructions, blah, blah, blah… to finally see or hear this or that with your computer.image

Now for the more delicious 2nd half of the title "Cookies", we’ll immediately have good picture, even maybe sweet after-taste of it, eh?  In the "Digital" world though, it could leave you with bad memories.  "Digital" cookies are those used in the internet, especially rampant with JavaScript based websites.  "Cookies" are limited amount of information stored in your computer by websites, such that they can easily retrieve it and quickly have recollection mostly of your previous activities with their site.  These information are normally used to determine your preferences in browsing their website but in a malicious manner, it can use your email address or worse, your credit card information, etc…  I hope I did not scare you on that.  Web browsers now have options to turn off those pesky cookies, or delete them as needed.  So no worries on that and moving on…

Now with my own digital "Cookies", I refer to them as my small pieces of computer sub-programs that I can easily re-use in other similar software I am doing.  Other software are actually using different terms to achieve similar effect, having like a spare parts that can be easily re-used.  There’s DLL, MFC, master, function(), etc… or in my case now – "Template Parts".  So for example, instead of redoing or copying and pasting from other digital file, a standard account number and account type fields and controls that have specific dimensions, colours and data connection, I’ll just have to click the cookie and voila!, I have all that I need where I want it.  This would be very useful for something that needs to be reused many times.  Cookies then would be very enjoyable, just like picking up from a cookie jar :)

I hope you like this blog and thanks for any positive feedback.  Take care and cheers!!!


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