The Most Difficult Gadget To Turn On

imageWhat gave this a funny twist was that just a couple of weeks earlier, I felt bad about having to research just to turn on a gadget and all it took was like couple seconds longer of pressing certain button.  I thought that was the most difficult thing coming from a popular gadget-maker known for ease-of-use.

Turned out, that was nothing compared to this another big name gadget-maker’s way.  Could you imagine spending hours just trying to figure out what their writings mean?  I have to read the instruction like 5 times and even then, still have to experiment on how to actually do it.

At any rate, here’s some background on what makes this complicated: The gadget was fully drained of battery juice and that’s one thing that adds to its complexity.  Only in this case the gadget have a twist – it needs power to be able to recharge.  From 0% battery load, the gadget recharges only, in my case, few seconds and it stops recharging.  You have to turn off the recharger and turn it on again so the gadget can recharge again for few seconds and stop.  And you have to keep doing that, off/on until the gadget have enough juice to recharge by itself.

You would know it is recharging as you see the light on top of the gadget.  At first only red light shows.  As you keep recharging for few seconds, the red light becomes green before it turns off again.  Couple dozen more off/on and the green light “oscillates”, i.e., the green light turns on slowly then turns off slowly.  Couple more dozen off/on and the green light stays, meaning it have enough charge to keep recharging itself.

The gadget actually turns on as green light steadies, meaning you will see the gadget’s logo and start loading. The software then stops loading and displays the message saying it needs at least 20% charge to continue. You will see the green bar slowly inching 1% in like every 5 minutes.  Once 20% is reached, the software continues to load giving instruction how to proceed.

Takes few more minutes to finish the software and confirm your registration as earlier required.  Once the software finishes loading, you can start using it while it keeps recharging.  Takes few more hours to have 100% charge. Another additional difficulty was my not knowing earlier that my unit have actually some issue with its mini-USB charging port.  The charge was going on/off by itself and that you have to hold the cable in certain way so electrical connection is maintained.  You will know that it is connected to the power outlet by seeing the lightning icon in the battery charge indicator.

Then came the second time encountering the same necessity to turn on a gadget.  Took around the same time to complete, even seem faster this time, as I dealt with the newer unit with no disconnection issue.  Also of course, the fact that I’ve already experienced handling it before.  As in previous process it goes through:
1. Red LED light for few seconds.
2. After few unplugs/plugs of the power adapter, the few seconds red became steady blinks.
3. Couple minutes and the blinking red became green.
4. After about an hour the blinking became oscillating green.
5. After couple hours the unit turned on continuously.


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