Technology and Intuition


Just got my hands on a new, big screen cellphone.  I was quite excited with it, browsed around its new features and happy to have found lots compared to what I used to have.  The nice screen display and its responsiveness is quite amazing, having been stacked for quite awhile to a very slow earlier version of cellphone.

Having been accustomed to many earlier cellphones, I did not bother to take a closer look at its very main function: receiving a call.  After all, who would have thought of it to be difficult or much different from previous models?  I relied on my intuition to be able to easily figure it out, never really put much thought on it, never bothered to try it out.

Looking at the whole picture in here, it looked so easy to receive a call, eh?  BTW, never mind the glum look, I just added the dots and the lips to convey my frustration to the way this gadget was designed to receive a call.  I’ve also added the green circle, which is actually animated in actual unit, growing from small to big, you just won’t miss it.  That makes it lot easier to pinpoint what to do exactly, right?  Not so fast though, my guess is just like me, you did not pay attention as well to the blurred message.  The message actually made me ask: "Really? Who would wanna do that?".

Moving on, having been so pre-occupied with the rest of the functionalities, trusting people who made them had done their homework on ""best practises", I was put to actual test on receiving a call.  Was happy to have heard the ringtone and seen the picture complete with animation, I naturally by intuition or instinct touched the "Answer" button.  I expected it to receive the call but naaah, no response.  I was actually outside on a freezing temperature with my gloves on, so I thought must be my gloves is not detected by the "capacitive" touch-screen.  I guess in this case the older "resistive" touch-screen technology would have done better.  But who would wanna go back to old technologies?

I wasn’t able to receive the call then, blamed it on the cold weather and unresponsive touch-screen.  Thank goodness I was able to return the call, only then we were able to talk.  End of story?  Not quite.  Yet again back home, I got another call.  This time, in a warm environment without my gloves.  The same screen appeared, I touched the "Answer" button, still no response. Only then I took a closer look at the message I used to ignore.  I could hardly believe it, till this writing, I can’t help but ask: "who would have thought of that?"

Actually, I’ve done more testing just to confirm the message.  I have to use other phones to call my cellphone and confirm the message.  Still haven’t heard the call but I have seen it in receive mode and quite sure it can now communicate.  In fairness, I need my reading glasses to be able to read well.  Otherwise, the blurred portion is what I’ll see.

But if a gadget is well designed, who would need an instruction just to know how to receive a call?  As the joke goes, one person ask: "Where’s the screw driver?", another replied: "I don’t know but I got the manual".  I guess this is a concern only to people who’ve been used to old technologies.  New young users I bet would just easily spot the instruction and quickly figure out.  For all its hassles, here’s what the message says: " Swipe an icon in any direction ".

Nice, eh?  Oh well, enjoy new technologies and Happy New Year 2013!!!


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