ACAP – Welcome to our Blogpage


Thanks for dropping by our blogpage.  This page was created mainly to share information with our team.  As your volunteer webmaster responsible mainly for creating and maintaining these blogs, our goal is to have a place online where we can share our experiences and thoughts, especially on making things better for our guests.  Also to have a paperless environment in achieving such goal, for example in hunting for Shift Changes, etc…

Myself will try to document the business processes we are involved with, including delightful actual stories encountered doing our job.  Anyone who has better ideas or related stories worth sharing, are being encouraged to share their thoughts by submitting on below comment form.

As in our training, our manual contains privileged information and privacy should be respected.  Similarly, our blogpages should also be kept in private and for your eyes only, as it also contains information that are meant only to the company in delivering its services.  Please do not share the password given to you and thank you for your kind cooperation.

Feel free to leave your feedback below, I will be reviewing it and will post it as deemed appropriate. Any information shared to improve delivery of our services would be much appreciated, hopefully even rewarded.

Note that each comment appears on the page where it was submitted, e.g., if you comment on this page, it will be shown under this page; if you need to comment on "Shift Changes", please go to said page and enter comment accordingly.

So far, here are links to what we have or planned to have (Bold Italics are public pages, otherwise password protected): 




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