Business – TV Ads

clc-2012[3]I was first asked to create this by our religious organization. It is displayed only in our group of people so it has limited audience.  I still maintain the ads, which was mostly on a webpage I’ve created containing:

  • time
  • countdown to start of session
  • weekly weather forecast
  • advertisements

I‘ve created a javascript for the timer which works well on my netbook but for some reason, showing random results on the unit we’re using for the TV.  I still have to come up with a permanent fix for the countdown.  I also have to come up with the announcements in the future, most probably a ticker tape type text or maybe a changing message that shows on specified period of time.

mrsfields-2012Then a family owned business decided to have this in their shop as their menu’s getting messy with the manual updates.  I prepared a few prototypes which they seem to accept until the gadgets were bought and we were able to see the early prototypes on it.  Few suggestions which I updated accordingly, had it ready awaiting the installation of the units in their stall.  Once the units were installed, the graphics was shown promptly and was updated as required.

It has a wider audience now being in public place and in the mall at that.  It got noticed and had few business opportunities.  For now, following are the options that I offer prospective clients/partners:

  • one time graphics only
  • graphics with seasonal updates
  • hardware installation and graphics
  • hardware installation, maintenance and graphics
  • hardware provision, installation, maintenance and graphics
  • etc…
    For any comment or interest in the business, please feel free to leave a message below.  Would be glad to be working with you in the future.  Cheers!!!

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