My First Blog From My First UltraBook

CAM02354-2Nice, all just run smoothly.  Of course there were plenty of stops to consult online for stuff but overall, a very easy quick learning with Windows 8 and UltraBook touchscreen.  All the while I thought there’s no Windows 7 interface, only to find it on “Desktop” tile, minus the “Start” button of course.  Bit annoying but that’s how they designed it and it’s a simple one-button tap to Metro UI anyway.  I agree though it should have been lot better had they added the “Start” and think of another term their tiles.  Definitely it would’ve annoyed lot less people.

Oh well, I guess folks out there run out of imagination.  “Stroll” would have been a bit exciting term for the tiles, couple that with the familiar earlier “Start”, I’d say they could’ve done much better in reducing resistance to their new OS.  How about “Swipe”?  Am sure there are pretty plenty other terms but that’s water over the bridge now.

Back to my UltraBook, very happy with its performance, lot better than my expectation.  Fell bit short on the specified 500GB HD coz I got only a little more than 400 but that’s good enough, no complaints.  The I guess “island-style” keyboard just fits well my typing, I could type at full speed just as in regular sized keyboard.  The additional swipe function of the very large touchpad is a very welcome relief.  Now I don’t have to [Ctrl]+[Tab] to switch apps, just swipe left to right. Swipe at the top going down, even though not as consistent, is still better compared to dragging mouse pointer and clicking.

What really amazes me is the size of this UltraBook, just so thin and light.  And the boot time, super, including the shutdown, which takes like a sec.  That’s so much fun coming from using an old netbook that takes like forever to boot or shutdown.  The brushed metal design also looks so luxurious and much easier to clean, especially with the “island style keyboard”.  There’s simply no grime deposit, it can be easily swiped away.

The processing speed is just way more than I need for my blogging or maybe future web design and maintenance works.  Screen is fine, lot better than my previous 1024×600 10” netbook.  The 11” screen size just looks perfect for me, I might even reduce the resolution so I’ll see bigger display.Screenshot-2

I look forward transitioning into this UltraBook letting go of my veteran netbook.  Pretty sure I’ll enjoy the faster 3rd Gen i3 processor, not top of the line but sure is lot better than my 3 year old atom.  Just about the only con of my new unit, battery life seems to be less than 3 hours.  That’s just below the current standard battery life for UltraBooks.  Then again, I seldom work more than 2 hours away from an electrical outlet.  And with the adapter so small and easy to carry, I don’t think that would matter much, at least in my current setup.

Somebody just banged the wall of my room, I wonder if it’s because of my rather clunky noisy typing.  Kept typing at much less noise now, reduce bit of banging of the keys, I guess it’ll be better for my unit in the long run.  Banging stopped too so I guess am now on acceptable level.  Seems to me though the [Spacebar] is noisier than usual when you press it.  Have to find an angle to reduce the noise, no worries.

Took picture of this UltraBook using my SmartPhone and tried to send the picture by Bluetooth.  When I activated Bluetooth on this machine, it said “It can’t be turned on”.  After few retries, it finally turned on.  The message should have been the usual “Please wait…”.

Cool, I was able to send file from my SmartPhone to my computer.  Basically I’ve turned on the bluetooth from Win7 interface, Control Panel, Devices and Printers, right-click the computer and setup bluetooth, activate it.  There will be a pairing step, in this case both devices showed the same number, accepted on both devices.  Then picture was sent, I guess it would be both ways although from Smartphone to computer as of this writing.

For more details, you can check out this link:


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