Windows 8 – Notes on Discoveries

Renaming Tiles for URL Shortcuts

Say you’re on a webpage and you want to create a shortcut of it to the “Start” screen.
That’s easy, just see below sample screens and steps:



  1. Bring up the application menu of the webpage application by:
    • Right-clicking on the empty portion of the page
    • Swiping down from your touchpad
    • Swiping down from the top of your screen if it got the “touch” (which I do :P)
  2. Click the [Pin] icon to bring up the “Pin to Start” and ”Add to favorites” options.
  3. Click “Pin to Start”.
  4. On the text box, type the name you want to appear on the “Start” page.
    For first timer, you have to be bit more patient as it seems to take longer to load the dialog box.
  5. Click the [Pin to Start] button and that’s it, whatever you type will be displayed.


And you can do that as much as you want on any URL shortcut tile on your Windows 8 “Start” screen.

Please see below screenshots for words worth more than a thousand.


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