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Setup for New WiFi Name (Updated: 2014 08 09)  |  ^top


The clumsy idea is, you’ll again need the USB cable.
Only with the cable would you  be able to update the WiFi settings :(

So, from the “Network Tool” screen, click the “…USB” connection and the [Configuration…] would be enabled.
Once enabled, click [Configuration…] and a pop-up screen appears.

On this screen, if you’re unfamiliar with the SSID, click the [Search…] button.

This screen pops-up from [Search…] of above pop-up, click your [Access Point Name]:

Click the [Set] button and this confirmation dialog  box appears:

Click the [Yes] button then a brief “searching…” information box appears then this information box:

Click the [OK] button and wait a bit to be back to the “Network Tool” screen.
You’ll see that the WiFi printer is now “Available”.

And that’s it, you should then be ready to use your new WiFi connection.



Cool Cover Design   |  ^top

Just found out in using this device, it has nice cover design such that you can still close it well even while scanning with around an inch thick of book.  A simple yet cleverly designed hinged enables its cover to close well even on such thickness of material to scan.  I was expecting it to be like previous scanners I’ve used, where if you scan that thick, you won’t be able to close the cover anymore, it will be at like 45 degrees angle.  This one’s neat though, producing well scanned paper instead of previous setup wherein there are plenty of black area for those portion that’s not covered.  My applause to the designers of this device – BRAVO!!!


Overview   |  ^top

This blog shares my experience with the installation and utilization of Canon MG3220 Multi-purpose printer.  The stand-alone installation is as simple as plugging in the USB cable.  This documentation is mostly done for the  wireless installation and following info would be helpful to start with:

  1. The USB connection is needed to setup the wireless environment.
  2. the USB connection would be needed again to update the setup, if wireless environment is changed.
  3. Wireless environment could only be used after proper setup is done with USB cable.

Bit of an annoyance as we can’t get away with the cable yet.  I was expecting like the wireless setup could be done directly from the printer, but not just yet with this model.  I can’t even photocopy without a computer although on the bright side, we’ll be ensured that we have softcopy before printing the photocopy.  That’s because the device would first create a PDF file which would then be printed for copy.

For more product Info:

First Time Setup   |  ^top

The USB cable is needed for first time installation, setting up the device to work in a stand-alone setup.  Once the device is connected through USB cable to the computer, it will be automatically detected in Windows 7 & 8 platforms and drivers will be installed accordingly.  It will then be made available for printing and scanning in stand-alone environment.

To use printer in wireless setup, the Canon software for the device, either from the included CD or from internet download ( US | Ca ), needs to be installed.  Follow installation instruction, input WiFi credentials and it will then be available for printing and scanning thru WiFi.

Note that different printer would be allocated for the USB and WiFi connection.  I have to emphasize that as I made a mistake of deleting additional entries in the Control Panel’s “Devices and Printers”, not knowing that the device will be using different drivers for each environment.  So as to make it clear, I added the environment to the device name (see below screenshot)


WiFi Updates   |  ^top

Should there be any changes to the WiFi settings, say password was changed, the device needs to be connected again to the computer by USB cable.  Once connected, run the “Canon IJ Network Tool” then click the [Configuration] button and update the settings accordingly.  The “WiFi” setting would be disabled if it is not setup properly.

Once the WiFi setting is updated correctly, it would then show in the dialog box and would work properly in the WiFi environment.  While the device is still connected to the computer by USB, both the “USB” and the “WiFi” setup will be shown (see below screenshot)


To test the WiFi setting, the USB cable needs to be removed.  Once the USB is disconnected, its setup will not be shown anymore in the Canon IJ Network Tool dialog box and it will be disabled in the Control Panel.  Both printers would still appear on each application though (see below screenshot)


Other Features   |  ^top

  1. Duplex
    At first I thought this was the “Paper saving” feature.  Not in this device though where duplex mean as it is: double-sided printing.  Quite amazing how this feature is handled well on this model, so far worked without a glitch on standard papers.  My guess is, it won’t work well with very thin papers too or crumpled ones, I have no plans of testing it on those kind of papers.
  2. Paper Saving
    This is actually meant to fit multiple pages in a single page, reducing the paper size as required.  There are option to fit 2 or 4 pages into a single page printout.
  3. Grayscale
    Simply uses only the black ink, saving all the precious colored inks.
  4. Ink Saving
    This is actually a standard feature in all printers, where we simply print in like “Draft” mode.  In this model, the term used is “Fast”.  It would print lot faster of course but more importantly, it’ll consume only like 10% of the ink used in “Normal” setting.
  5. Preview
    At least you’ll be able to confirm the printout before actually printing.



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