Blackberry Playbook Stuff


These are all from the “Settings Screen”, accessible from “Home Screen” either by:

  • swiping from the top down
  • tapping the “Gear” icon at the upper right corner

A comprehensive set of passwords and care must be taken in setting them as some have no alternative but to reset or reformat Playbook if forgotten.

This does not include other passwords used in emails, in case “Accounts” are set.

Home Screen:
IMG_00000011 (Custom)

Settings Screen:
IMG_00000012 (Custom)


This enables Playbook to be seen from other devices.  Off by default and the password set in “Security/Password” is needed to turn discoverable on.

Bluetooth Screen:
IMG_00000010 (Custom)

Blackberry ID

An email account needs to be registered as Blackberry ID before you can setup Playbook.  To avoid confusion, the password in the actual email account could be used for the Blackberry ID.  Recovery Question is also needed, which would be handy in case you forget the password as it can be reset if you remember the answer to the question set.  Blackberry will then email instruction of how to reset the password.  Tap the pencil icon to set selected field.

Blackberry ID Screen:
IMG_00000013 (Custom)



Demo Mode
As the term goes, this one’s for demo purposes.  Cool mode where you can create files, photos, videos, etc…  and all that was created during Demo Mode would be automatically deleted once back at the normal mode.  There’s a “retailer code” provided for this.  Once said code is entered correctly, you’ll be required to type your own password twice.  You can cancel the Demo Mode at this point.  If Demo Mode was started, typed password would be required to get back to the normal mode.  You can forget about the password used then, as new Demo Mode session would be back to retailer code (instoredemo) and password would be retyped twice again.

General Screen:
IMG_00000017 (Custom)

Storage & Sharing
This is so files at the Playbook could be shared with computers.  This means that you can copy, move or delete files in your Playbook connected to a computer.  If password is forgotten, there is no resend option.  Instead, there’s 10 attempts before Playbook with reset your tablet.  The quirk here is that the “Password Protect” is used only for connecting with other computer and has nothing to do with File or WiFi Sharing, which instead needs the “Security/Password” to unlock.

File Sharing
This should have actually been termed as USB Sharing as this is actually used when connected by USB cable.  After couple of poking, found out that it actually controls both USB and WiFi File Sharing.  If this is turned off, WiFi sharing is also automatically turned-off.  WiFi though could be turned off by itself.  Couple more tweakings and found out that this is accessed by “Security/Password” setting, it is actually said control access password that is required by both File and WiFi sharing.  The below “Change Password” button is used only when the Playbook is shared with other device.

WiFi Sharing
This is termed properly as this is used to share files through WiFi.

Storage & Sharing Screen:
IMG_00000007 (Custom)

IMG_00000008 (Custom)


This is like a PIN Code to cellphones where you need to enter it correctly so you’ll be able to use the device.  Since this is a tablet, you are not limited to 4 digits, actually it is not just a PIN Code but rather another password.  To simplify though, I used just the 4 digit just like in PIN code,  to easily remember and access.  Turning this on requires password to be entered twice while turning if off you only need to enter said password.  As mentioned earlier, password here’s also utilized in Bluetooth and Sharing.

Security Screen:
IMG_00000006 (Custom)


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