Car Reviews

I have been enjoying driving brand new cars of various makes and models from Enterprise-Rent-A-Car who offers favourable weekend rates.  Thought of writing something about each car I rented and finally got started here.  I took few snaps, notes (written and spoken) before finally creating this blog.

One reason for this review is to have myself some refresher, if ever in the future I decide to buy my own car. I hope this helps you in your car shopping too.

imageChevy Sonic 2015 – 2015 31 Jan to 02 Feb


At a glance of the car’s front view, it looked like the Mitsubishi Lancer. A one time quick look, the headlight seemed to have lost its cover. Sure was relieved to have found out it was just designed that way. Normally, the whole headlamps are covered in like glass making a single unit. In this case, it looked like 3 separate lamps of different levels, making it rather more difficult to clean, I guess on a disadvantage too in terms of aerodynamics.

Nothing much out on its side view, just about the regular design.

Rear view camera is nice but easily gets smudged when driving on snowy roads. The VW’s design of having the camera hidden when not in use is much better, I’d say.

The tail light is not as well designed as other cars, which seemed to be the norm for this brand.
Hopefully the next generation will have better design because for me, this is a deal breaker.

The windshield have good slope design as it did not gather snow compared to other cars parked outdoor on overnight snow.


Normal driving, good to have an armrest that can be folded away, a nice accessory.

Brakes seemed to be badly affected by snowy and salted road. I can’t remember having similar jerky effect from braking on snowy road, feels like snow or salt is trapped between disk brakes and that you’ve to pump the brake pedal more to get it to work. Then again, haven’t really driven other cars on the same bad snowy road condition. At least we did not get stuck on the road, as we’ve seen other bigger cars on the road, on that 5 am early morning drive of snowy 02 Feb 2015. I sure was glad to have survived that day with 10 to 15cm of snow from early morning where some roads were not even plowed yet.

The transmission stick works well though it’s not the tiptronic design.
It got manual interface but I did not bother to use it.
There’s + and – buttons at the top side of the transmission stick, which I assume for shifting when positioned on M (manual, I guess).

The cruise control worked well but wasn’t able to use it long enough because of the snow squalls.


Nice built-in touch-screen for radio, calls, etc…; bluetooth easily connects with my Smartphone and worked well with both calls and media player.
I have to mention this because I once rented a car whose bluetooth connected only with calls not with media player.
Very good heated driver and passenger seats, steering wheel’s not heated though.
Front seat’s height could be easily adjusted, along with its horizontal position.

The separate button for headlight is fine although I’m more familiar with the controls being on the turn stick.
Oh well, at least the high beam headlight flasher is on the stick working as with most cars, by pushing it forward or towards you.
Wiper works the same with most cars too, by pushing it up or down.

Good glove compartments, excellent design having two of them, one on top of the other.
It also got 3 cup holders shared by the driver and the passenger plus 2 more on each front doors.
Also got vanity mirrors for for both driver and passenger sides, normally, this is only on passenger side.

Nice folding backseat extending or accessing the trunk, something I find only with this model for the category.
Very easy to open and close too, well designed :)

Trunk is very spacious but it seemed to be at the expense of the backseat’s legroom.
Backseat would be fine with kids but taller people will have a hard time with the short space.


Gas consumption seemed to be at par with other new cars.  Bit surprised at 30 CAD full tank but then again, gas was below 90 cents and this is on the small car category.

Dodge Dart 2015 – 2014

Nice car, well designed. As of the latest writing, the best exterior design of them all for a small sedan.
Keyless entry, heated seats,

Nissan Altima 2015 – 2014

Nice big car.


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