Cars and Technologies

textingLong long time ago when text messages were just starting, not many could have imagined it would be very popular. Back then in fact, it was advertised as just a tool for the mute and the deaf, certainly not the majority of users enjoying the technology nowadays. Technology though keeps evolving and as we can see, everyone is having a part of its advantage and disadvantages.

Myself, then working on a telecom company, had the privilege of being part of the early or beta users. Of course enjoyed text messaging from the start and somehow figured it would be a hit but not really sure if it would be mainstream. In fact, those days, it was free feature on all mobile phone plans. It took at least a year before business folks found out it could actually be a cash cow, started charging for the text services and yet it just kept gaining popularity. Back then, we’re the text message capital of the world, I guess till now we’re still the number 1 texters.

wificarFast forward to present, again technology is being introduced, specifically having WiFi on vehicles. Just like the previous skeptic, I wonder who would be needing WiFi in their car? And at the moment, it is being advertised as useful only for kids at the backseat to keep them occupied and quiet while travelling. So, would this be popular as well? Would it be used only by the kids? My bet is, just as with other technologies, it would take sometime before it would be standard on all cars, just like the built-in MP3 players and bluetooth. I guess with the car industry, it would take at least 5 years for WiFi to be standard accessory.

Why that long? Well cars are bit higher investment than mobile phone. Car safety takes longer to establish and standardize but eventually, they will all have the technology. It will be in near future that people will start talking to their car on a regular basis. For now, I’m limited to taking with “demo/loaner/pre-owned” cars on setting up bluetooth, yet have to experience a more reliable voice command that enables me to call a phone number, play music, etc… But I have to admit, they’re getting better, it’s just a matter of time before the technology becomes ubiquitous.

Soon, drivers will be able to easily call somebody or play their music from their mobile phone to their car’s sound system. Setting up GPS would be hands-free as well, as voice command would be more reliable then, even on noisy environment. Weather report would just be a couple of commands, so are the news. Oh I might not even need to drive as I’ll just then be telling the car where I wanna go :) Way too farfetched? I guess so.  But having WiFi on the car could get us closer to said reality. Looking forward to it.

Enjoy the ride!!!


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