Windows 10 Update from 8.1

I started the update from “Windows Update”. I got it there as I correspond with emails from Microsoft. I got the notice as early as 29th July 2015. I planned to first have another laptop where I could experiment the upgrade. Didn’t have the budget and I got an article saying I have option to just download and just create installation USB disk. Gave me the courage to go ahead with Windows 10 update, thinking I’ll just create an installation USB drive.

As I suspected though, it just went straight to the download and installation. Download took around an hour and the installations and restarts took another hour, definitely more actually. Oh well, at least it notified you that it’ll take long, that you just have to be patient. Then the issues:

  1. Touchpad Failed to Work

    At first I wasn’t able to figure out it was not working. Tinkered with the “ELAN” options in Control Panel, Mouse, still didn’t work. I was able to “enable” it, got the pointer going but the left/right clicks just didn’t work. I thought there’s something wrong with Windows 10 until eventually, I tried my touchscreen and it seemed to work fine. Was able to browse online about the problem, something to do with “Auto Update”, tried to find “Windows Update” but not in Control Panel anymore.

    Anyway, as advised online, gone to “Device Manager” and uninstalled “ELAN”. Touchpad seemed to work fine then. Also uninstalled Asus SmartGesture application. Actually downloaded Asus SmartGesture for W10 and run it, was told can’t install as different version is running. After uninstall and required restart, all touchpad seemed to work fine so did not install downloaded SmartGesture driver anymore.

    From Control Panel, checked the “Device Manager” and seen ELAN back there again; looked at “Mouse” and seen ELAN tab still there but device entry is gone. From “Programs and Features”, as expected, my Asus SmartGesture is not there. I guess that was actually what solved the issue, removing the old “SmartGesture” program. Maybe later will install W10 SmartGesture driver but I seldom use them anyway so I guess I’ll just go on without it.

    Errr, after trying to locate next issue’s files, found SmartGesture install files and missed my two finger scrolling so decided to install it. After install and usual restart, SmartGesture seemed to be working fine :)

  2. Windows Liver Writer Drafts All Gone

    Although all my writings are published online, I still maintain local draft copies. After the update, I tried to continue where I left off with my blog but wasn’t able to find my previous drafts :( I guess I’ll just reload previous drafts from external HD and re-write previous day’s entries. Or just reload from online and save one by one. Oh well, had one draft the latest in place, the rest I guess would be available from my backup. At least it still works perfectly as before, just that W10 didn’t take care of all the AppsData…

  3. Default Apps Gone

    Just a bit of annoyance as I’ve previously set this up in W8.1. Oh well, I’ll just set it up again as I use them.

  4. Noticeably Slower

    I guess now I need stronger hardware, faster processor, more RAM and cores to run as fast as previous version. Sooner or later I’ll have more RAM and bigger HD on newer laptop, InshaAllah… Boot time takes much longer now, this is where SSD HD would come in handy, eh?

  5. Guest Gone

    Minor issue, pretty sure this is available somewhere, or is it? Then why not automatically get it from previous setup? No more visitor/guest account in W10? Hmmm…

So with all the hassle, is it worth the upgrade? Depends. For geeks like me who wants to be always updated with the latest, yes. For normal user, there’s not much really worth the immediate update. Maybe wait for W10.1 before updating. But since I’m already updated, might as well enjoy this. Not much of a hassle actually compared to W7 to 8 update, where lots of hang-ups and anxiety were experienced before it finally got all settled down with W8.1.

If it’s of any relief, I’m sure glad to see my previous desktop background. I used our photos as my desktop background and was actually expecting W10 to change them with default new graphics.

My shortcut application icons were all there in place too :) Even my auto-hide setting works perfectly from the start! Oh well there’s few additional MS stuff but it’s fine. The additional “Search” and “Task View” icons actually are nice additions.


3 thoughts on “Windows 10 Update from 8.1

  1. Richard says:

    The headache continues…
    I was trying to print and behold, nothing!
    Took sometime to figure out printer drivers may not be updated with W10 upgrade.
    Tinkering around, found out printer driver was changed into something generic, which didn’t work.
    Fortunately, compatible driver is available within W10, why not selected? Beats me!
    After manually pointing to correct driver, glad to be able to print again.
    But wait, I got another printer :( Arrghhh!!!

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