Learning DSLR – A Beginner’s Journey | Lens

VR (Vibration Reduction)

This helps in getting sharper pictures. The simple rule I’m following:

“ON” – If you’re holding the camera while taking pictures

“OFF” – If you’re using a tripod or monopod

I also turn the VR off before I turn off the camera. When I turn on the camera, I also turn on VR if I’m not using the tripod or monopod.

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Focus – Manual

It was my son’s graduation and panicking as I’m getting blurred image on my viewfinder and screen. Took a few shots thinking pictures will be fine but it was just as blurred. After awhile, I’ve noticed the focus switch was set to “M” (Manual). I was so relieved then to be able to take focused pictures as I simply flip the switch back to “A” (Auto).

After few months, I came across some YouTube videos about the smaller ring near edge of the lens. I tried to adjust it but I wasn’t able to move it. Then I guessed, it must be set to “M” first before it can be adjusted. So I tried, put the focus switch to “M” then the ring can be adjusted and you can focus well by so doing.

A picture is worth a thousand words so I prepared this image to illustrate further what I’m talking about.


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The very first “Minute Video” envisioned to be a series demo for learning.
The video shows the best way I find in attaching/detaching camera lens.
I was able to do this in an awkward manner at first, so I spent sometime figuring out how to do it better.
YouTube link as follow:



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