COURSERA: Effective Writer – Notes

Welcome to my Notes about this course.
This used to be with the main page.
After couple of year decided to create this separate page to leave the main page neat with main courses.


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  2. Self-check Readiness Quiz result needs to be manually typed to COURSERA form
  3. Optional quiz after Video Lecture
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  1. e-Copy of the course
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  3. Etc…


Journal Writing Assignments


Dear all,

Would it be possible for this thread to contain all our “Journal Writing” assignments?

Kind of hoping each person add only one entry for themselves, providing link to assignment(s) or ‘copy-and-paste’ from MS Word or any software used.

Maybe we can keep this thread just for our Week 2 assignments, create new ones later for succeeding weeks.

Not really sure, let’s see how it goes.  Hopefully though, it’s clear that each person should only have one entry here.  If in the future updates are needed, simply edit your own entry.

To start with, here’s my only entry for the link to my assignments:

Here’s wishing everyone all the best in their assignments!!!


Hi All,

This thread is created for our Journal Writing assignments.  I’m hoping each would [Add Post] only once for themselves.  In the future if needed, each can “Edit” their own “Post”.  Each “Post” though can contain several “+ Comment” from anybody.

It would be nice to have a single thread where we can find our assignments, right?  I plan to have all my assignments available from this single link:

Here’s mine:
I plan to just maintain that single page for all my assignments for this course.
Later if we have more assignments, I can just make that link the table of content linking to many assignments.
I’ll also just be maintaining this one post for my Journal Writing.
In the future if needed, I’ll just update this single entry.



Assignment Submissions: Week 2 – Journal Writings

Dear Teachers and Officers,

I hope you won’t mind my creating this thread for above-subject.
I’m not sure how to submit our assignment and lest I miss it, I’ve created this thread.

Hopefully our entire online class could use this as well for their own assignments.
Each could create “New Post” just once, for their own assignment submission.
It’ll then be easier for us to look for our assignment submissions.

Those who have online copy of their assignment (like I do) can submit just the link (please see below).
Those who doesn’t have online copy, they can just copy-and-paste to their “New Post”.

I understand we have 2 assignments for Week 2.
It could be too long but I believe a single “New Entry” would suffice for each participant.
We can just create new thread in the future for Week 3 assignments.

Anyway, here’s link to my submitted assignments:

Thanks for any advise regarding assignment submissions.

Respectfully yours,





Dear Classmates,

Nice to be with you all folks in this online class.

At this point, I hope everyone already figured out the difference between “New Post” and “+ Comment”.
I’m expecting each participant uses only “New Post” once.
Said “New Post” would contain either link(s) to assignment (like what I’ve done above) or the “copy-and-paste” version of their assignment(s).






Module 2:

Cook, Wash, Walk, Type, Load, Print
Daily, Fast, Quickly, Slowly, Accurately, Seldom

Module 01:

Sunset, Trees, Clouds, Parking, Elevator, Road, Bus, Printer
High-rise, Clear, Secured, Clean, Colorful, Reliable, Friendly, Wireless



We stand in queue at the public transport terminal, waiting for our bus at its designated parking area, usually around 10 minutes before its scheduled arrival.

As the bus arrives, we jockey for position to be the first to get into the bus.

We step into the bus only through its front door in this terminal and most of the times, in an orderly manner.

There were instances though that people argued due to some jumping the line.

Once the bus stops and opens its door, we have to let its passengers inside walk out first, which we sometimes forget, thereby making it more difficult in both getting on and off the bus.

Normally in such case, the driver would tell the passengers to get out first, before letting in anybody.

As we rush getting into the bus, we show our valid pass to the driver.

Valid pass is either a transfer ticket, a transit card that showed the “go” light as it is tapped at the card reader, cash dropped in the fare box, or a current monthly or weekly pass.

Most of the time we greet the driver as we board the bus and show our pass, then walk to our seat only after we see their nod of approval.

Once all the passengers are safely inside the bus and scheduled time is already due, the driver will then slowly maneuver the bus out of the parking area and drive into the streets to our destination.




We stand in queue at the public transport terminal, waiting for our bus at its designated parking area, usually around 10 minutes before its scheduled arrival.  As the bus arrives, we jockey for position to be the first to get into the bus.  We step into the bus only through its front door in this terminal and most of the times, in an orderly manner.  There are instances though that we encounter problem due to people jumping the line to gain unfair advantage.  Once the bus stops and its door opens, we have to let passengers inside walk out first, which we sometimes forget, thereby giving us difficulties in both getting on and off the bus.  Normally in such case, the driver would tell the passengers to get out first, before letting in anybody.  As we rush into the bus, we show the driver our valid pass.  Valid pass is either a transfer ticket, a transit card showing “go” light as it is tapped at the card reader inside the bus, cash paid by dropping it in the fare box, a current monthly or weekly pass.  Most of the time we greet the driver as we board the bus and show our pass, walking to our seat only after we see their nod of approval.  Once all the passengers are safely inside the bus and scheduled time is already due, the driver will then slowly maneuver the bus out of the parking area and drive into the streets to its destination.








I guess you’re asking about “Peer Assessment” where we’ll be assessing our peers :)

To answer your question what “Peer Assessment” do?  It gives scores to our peer’s assignment writing.

Allow me to focus on details about assessing our peers, where we:

  1. Read the 2 sentences submitted by our classmates from Week 2 graded writing assignment.
  2. Rate them 0 or 10 according to their “attempt” on submitting their assignment.
  3. Provide feedback how they create their sentence.
  4. Submit our feedback and “Evaluate another student (optional but useful)”.

I hope I’m going the right way as this is what I’ll be leading to.  On the left side of this page, you’ll see “Peer Assessments”, click it to see “General Overview” table which you can read.  If you choose, you can go to the bottom of the page where you’ll see something like this:



I understand the confusion, they’re both “Go to assignment >” blue button but when you click the Week 2 button, you’ll be brought to a page where you’ll rate your peer’s writings. That’s assuming you’ve submitted Week 2 writing assignment, if not, I guess you won’t be able to do “Peer Assessment”.

Let’s say you’ve submitted your week 2 assignment, you’ll start with 5 but you can evaluate more, screen looks something like this:





Unit 1 – Online Learner Readiness

Unit 2 – Parts of Speech

Unit 3 – Subjects and Verbs

Unit 4 – Clauses, Phrases and Sentence Types






Discuss in one paragraph the advantages and disadvantages of the place where you live. Use at least one each of the clauses and phrases you studied in the unit. Also, be sure that you include one each of the four sentence types in your paragraph.  Using your knowledge from Unit 3, use action verbs and active voice, keep your verbs in the same tense, and maintain correct subject-verb agreement. Your description should consist of 9 or more sentences.


We live in an apartment with many advantages.

One of the advantage of living in our apartment is that it is well kept; its maintenance need is acted upon promptly by the management – simply fill-up a form to specify needed maintenance and either drop it at their designated drop-box or submit personally at the management’s office.

Another advantage is our location where we’re close to just about all the daily necessities of life, walking distance from the following facilities: supermarket, bus terminal, mall, library, church, school, park, etc…

Yet another advantage is the security in our area, having a gated community with security guards watching over our place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

While our neighboring housing complex have been rubbed of their huge brass signage in plain daylight, none of such heist happened in our place due to security personnel and surveillance cameras posted in strategic places.

We also have picnic amenities which is accessible by calling the personnel-in-charge for reservation, in order to use the outdoor grills for barbecue.  At scheduled time, a personnel will prepare the facilities, open it up, clean and warm up for us so we can readily start with our barbecue upon arrival.

One of our picnic area is close to the swimming pool that is watched over by a lifeguard, providing a refreshing view as we enjoy our barbecued food.

There’s also a laundry room that is well-maintained by cleaning services and is quite convenient with card system that included balance loading facilities.

We can use either debit or just about any credit card, hence no need to look for exact coins, just insert your card and type the amount.

Just about the only major disadvantage of our place is that we pay a bit higher than normal monthly rent for all the advantages we’re enjoying but we find it all worthwhile and we look forward staying for few more years at least, until such time we can move to our very own dream home.





Best Week 4 Assignment:

** for the reader, in order to make it easier for you, I decided to separate the phrases so it’s easier to evaluate. Please keep that in mind***
Valencia, which is the city where I live, has a population of more than 500.000 people. (adjective subordinate clause)

Even though Valencia is a pretty hot-to-live city, it has the most amazing warm-water beaches one can find in the peninsula. (adverb subordinate clause)

From the center, it only takes me 30 minutes to go by bus to the main beach, La Malvarrosa. (noun-prepositional phrase).

Swimming, kitesurfing, sailing and many other sports can easily be done for a few euros – of course, some of them need a lot of practicing! (sentence using action verbs)

Mountains also laying by the shoreline, Valencia has a unique combination of land and water in one city. (noun-absolute phrase)

Hiking, parachuting or mountain biking are the most common activities local people do in the inlands of Valencia. (sentence using more action verbs)

To give more advantages to this great city, one must add the fact that Valencia is a roman-built city of more than 2000 years.  (verb-infinitive phrases)

This means that, as most cities in Europe, Valencia has a charming city centre full of bars and restaurants for the local people and tourists to visit, apart from the most beautiful constructions and buildings in Spain.

Being difficult to find, disadvantages are just a few. (verb-participial phrase)

The main disadvantage, as in most spanish cities, is the sad increase of political corruption going on in this city; however, the people of this city are making a big effort for the latter to change, yet hopes are sometimes easily lost. (compound complex)

Valencia is an amazing city to visit. (simple sentence)

Come to valencia and tell us what you think! (compound sentence)

Unless rise is not in your diet, you should not leave without trying its most amazing paellas in the world! (complex sentence)




My Week 5 Assignment:

  1. My short term advantage of finishing “Drafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade” is gaining confidence in my writing, having that sense of being an educated writer. 
  2. I believe adding this online education to my resume’ could also improve my chances in my job-hunting, especially if it includes technical writing. 
  3. Even though I’ve been writing for quite sometime now, this course has taught me valuable lessons I just won’t learn by myself. 
  4. It sure is a very welcome relief that this course if offered online with such flexibility when it comes to timing; I can just go study literally anytime I am free to do so. 
  5. Had this course been offered in a conventional classroom manner, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this. 
  6. This course also comes in handy to my upcoming English test, the learning I gained from this class I believe would be very helpful in my getting better grades. 
  7. Admittedly still have a long way to go to have that level of professionalism in my writing but for now, looking at the prospect of soon completing this course, there’s already that sense of accomplishment and belief that I could be a more effective writer. 
  8. The long term effect is for me to write more technical books probably about computer or engineering or both. 
  9. I’ve already written User Manuals for computer software I’ve developed but after going through this course, I believe I could do it better now.
  10. Having gone through this course, I’ll also have the advantage of having reference materials that I can review as needed. 
  11. Official hand-outs materials coupled with peer writings, I think made up a very effective learning tools.
  12. Lastly, with all the learning gained in this course, I now have that extra “push” to keep writing in a more effective way. 
  13. The process of just writing first any ideas for later review I guess would come in handy in my future writing assignment. 
  14. Actually already in this assignment where I got stuck creating at least 15 sentences, already applied the teaching and somehow, chugs along better towards getting things done.
  15. I wish all my 40k+ classmates all over the world would have the same if not better success in being an effective writer. 
  16. Thanks to all the teachers and officers of this course, their efforts are well appreciated. 
  17. Cheers!!!





Video Quiz – Submit only by showing both previous and current question making extra button unnecessary.

Simplified Quizzes and Assignments.




Share our Tips for this Online Course

There are so many valuable sharing all over our Discussion Forum.  This thread is an attempt to gather all tips we think worth sharing, a single thread for all.  I hope nobody will mind few simple rules

Observe Thread, Post and Comment







Final Paragraph Sentence vs Peer Assessor’s Interpretation (“comes in handy” vs “will come in handy”)

Part of the Final Paragraph Sentence:

“This course also comes in handy to my upcoming English test…”
“This course will come in handy for me in my upcoming English test….”

Just intrigued here by the comment I had.  I was suggested to use “will come in handy” and I think there’s some mis-interpretation somewhere.  I understand the “upcoming test” then was future but “This course” was ongoing as it was written, hence, I’d say “is coming in handy” is rather more appropriate or maybe “came in handy” (past tense or has been of help).  Oopsss, did I miss a punctuation somewhere?  No expert here so thanks for any punctuation correction.

Anyway, as I wrote the sentence, “will come” was definitely not the term I had in mind as I was then currently enjoying the benefits of “This course”.  Neither sure if I was deducted points for such preference, nor certain if we’re supposed to enforce our interpretation as peer.  I’d say interpretation because “comes in handy” and “will come in handy” are two different tenses and the writer, yours truly, has obvious selection while my assessor has other things in mind.  I have to think back if I’ve made similar comments myself :)  As far as I remember though, I limit my comments only about the number of required sentences, punctuations and capitalizations.

Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate learning we had in this course, relieved that the hard works are all over now.

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