360 Degrees Picture Naming

Here’s 360 Picture naming, just sharing as well the 400 gon version:

360 Degrees:

400 Gon:

Here’s another “360do” Picture:

“Photosphere” is one of the more popular term used but for me, it’s more for the “360 di” version. Yet have to come up with that kind of pic. I guess it only comes from 3D drawings. It’s like a globe in your hand and you turn it around to have an all around view of the sphere. Or like an astronaut in space looking at earth. More like in the outside looking in.

That’s a different perspective compared to attached “360 do”, right? For now my Smartphone does the 360do well, there are lots of 360 cameras too that take 360do pics in one snap. My Smartphone for now needs like 50 shots to compose one 360do pic.

Good thing the internet supports well the 360do pics. Not sure really if it goes with 360di as well. So far I succeeded with 360do in Facebook, WordPress (this blog) and G+. Feels like G+ have the smoothest viewing experience.

Oh well, enjoy or next generation photography, the 360 Degrees Pictures. Way I see it, couple more generations before we make realistic hologram the regular pictures.


A Snap from VR Glass Version:


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