Live Writer to Open Live Writer

Got new computer for almost a month now and I’ve been trying to install Live Writer to this new computer – failure!

As usual, Googled and tried, followed instructions from few sites, still just got “couldn’t install programs” dialog box :(

Tried Open Live Writer site, downloaded and installed the app, still won’t work.

Finally gone to Microsoft Store, searched for the app, found it and installed – perfect!

So here goes the first blog from new Open Live Writer, practically the same as previous Live Writer.

Big difference I guess is you can now only install it from store, nowhere else!

Just in case somebody’s having the same difficulties installing Live Writer, here’s one that works for now.

Happy Blogging!


Screen 1: Microsoft Store Search For Live Writer


Screen 2: Open Live Writer “Pin To Start” and “More, Pin to taskbar”

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