Smartphone Picture Size, Ratio and File Size

About selecting photo size in your Smartphone.
Screenshots are from my Samsung Note 3.
Pretty sure something similar can be found in other phones.


Screen 1: Camera Mode
To select photo size, tap as shown in this screenshot​.
Beside the gear icon are:

  • to select front/back camera​
  • ​activate picture in picture
  • more settings​



Screen 2: Camera Photo Settings
Shows current settings, tap as shown to change “Photo size”.
Similarly, tap “Burst shot” to change its setting.



Screen 3: Camera Photo Size
Shown here are settings I use:

  • “W9.6M” setting (W is for Wide, M is for MegaPixel)
  • ​​”Photo size” in pixels: “4128×2322”
  • Ratio in “(16:9)”

Tap the preferred size and see the dot move to it.
Tap the phone’s [Back] button twice to get back to the camera.



​​Screen 4: Photo File Size
Shows “270KB” only, as this is just a screenshot.​
This is shown by tapping Note 5 [menu button] then “Details”.



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