GMail Unsend

Ever had that time sending an email and found out you need to cancel sending?
Well with GMail, after you click the [Send] button, you have 30 seconds at most to “Unsend”.
The idea is that you simply setup such that you can unsend within 30 seconds.
Once setup, everytime you click the [Send] button, you have a dialog box that you can “Undo” sent mail.

Here are sample screenshots:

Screen 1: Gmail Inbox
From here, click the “Gear” icon on right-top corner of email list, to go to Settings dialog


Screen 2: The Gear Icon Showing Pop-up Menu
Click the “Settings” option to access it


Screen 3: Settings General Tab
From this screen, simply click the “Enable Undo Send” to activate it.
There are many options for number of seconds but 30 is the maximum.

Screen 4: Undo Send Link
Bit too close to the “View message” link so you have to click carefully for the “Undo”.
You have to be quick too as there’s only 30 seconds and the link will be gone.
These links now appear every time you click the [Send] button.

And that’s it!
Undo send is now just a click away, albeit within just 30 seconds.
You will be sent back to your previous email, as if you haven’t clicked the [Send] button.


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