Project Time Lapse

For quite sometime I’ve been thinking of what to do with my DSLR after the events and holidays.
Then thought of camera’s time lapse feature – why not use it instead of keeping it in the storage?
So, here goes the 2017 year-long timelapse videos project:

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May 
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August (Coming soon)
  9. September (Coming soon)
  10. October (Coming soon)
  11. November (Coming soon)
  12. December (Coming soon)

Can’t help but wish I’ve started this timelapse project when we live in a high-rise apartment.
By then, we have a nice view of sunsets most of the evenings.
Would have been nice to see the sun set from one side of the building to the other as season changes from summer to winter.
Oh well, maybe will have another chance to document that view.

More stories and technical documentation to follow…

Other Time Lapse:

  1. 2016 Nov 05 – Niagara Falls
  2. 2016 Oct 23 – Chinguacousy Park Skating Rink Shed


Power Adapter

A gadget was added to the project to have continuous power.
It is a replacement to the battery, shaped similarly to fit in its compartment.
It is wired and plugged to electric power to have steady flow of power.
Only on rare occasion when power is out that I need to use the batteries.

Previously using two batteries, I’ve missed many shots as battery drains when nobody’s around to replace it.
After many months I just can’t establish a rhythm such that battery change-over is on time.
That’s when I researched on alternatives and found this power adapter kit from Amazon.

Quite an impressive delivery service as it arrived on June 15 from scheduled June 28.
Immediately upon receipt, got it plugged and it started working :)
Well worth the around C$50 price tag.

WiFi Adapter

imageAnother gadget I got so I don’t have to take out the SD card to copy.
The idea is that I’ll just move files wirelessly using this gadget.
Somehow when I remove the SD card, the camera moves a bit as I put the card back.
Not having to touch the camera means I’ll have more consistent view.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to set it up correctly as the first thing I did was to format the card.
Big mistake as there are files in the card needed to be able to setup properly.
This gadget just stayed in my drawer not used for its purpose :(

Oh well, at least I can use this as 16 GB SD card.
Maybe later I can figure out how to set this up.
The price tag from Amazon for the 8 GB version is around C$80.


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