Windows 10 Creators Update – My Smoothest Upgrade To-Date


Just like other updates, can’t shake my anxiety before going through this update. I kind of expecting an alert or email from Microsoft for the upgrade but didn’t receive any so I just searched for it. Found it and still unsure how it’ll go but proceeded with the upgrade anyway. And I’m glad to have gone through it as it turned out to be my smoothest upgrade ever :)

As I recall, I simply searched for “Windows 10 Creators Upgrade”, then a webpage appeared where I clicked the link to Microsoft software download website. As I usually do, I downloaded the update file and run it though my local explorer. Download was quick but the upgrade process after that took more than an hour. Other than having to re-login after the restart, all else were automatic.

After the upgrade, I took sometime checking “What’s New?”. It showed me that IE or MS Edge is now the faster browser. Tested it and looks like it. However, I still have to go back to Google Chrome to be able to stream to my TV as I only have Chromecast. Would have been nice if MS Edge almost makes available streaming to Chromecast.

Quite impressed with new features:

  • fast and convenient browser where you can now more easily jump through tabs
  • Paint 3D already installed, thought I have to install this app separately; plan to soon do few 3D sketched which I hope could be 3D printed just as easily; Tried Paint 3D, drawn this:
    Yet have to figure out how to show the 3D file.
  • Windows Ink
    Where you can easily annotate desktop or browser, neat! I believe this’ll come in handy in software development project.

All for now, will update this post on future learnings…


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