WordPress Photo Albums

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  1. Login to your WordPress account
  2. Upload photos in Media, [Add New]
  3. Create new blog, click [Add] next to “Blog Posts”
  4. Add blog title
  5. Just below the title, click the + sign then “Add Media”
  6. Select the pictures needed then click [Continue]
  7. Configure photo album, select “Layout” (mine’s “Slideshow”)
  8. In “Link To” dropdown list, select “Media File”
  9. Click [Insert] at the bottom
  10. Back at the blog page now with photo album, complete your blog with stories if needed
  11. Click [Publish]
    • In your local blog app, copy and paste generated “…”
    • Or just open recently posted article

You may put description to each pic, done in Media for each picture.
I wish I could adjust the frame size to fit my portrait orientation.

This one’s for my 360 cam’s “small world” series :)

Anyway, here’s another:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nice to have caption working :)

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