Publishing 360 Photos in WordPress

Bit more coding required after publishing 360 pic :(

Still easy though, the idea is that the photo will have it’s link and should be coded like this:


Where ??? is the link to your 360 photo.

Here are the steps, if you’re like me using local writer:

  1. Create post
  2. Insert 360 photo
  3. Publish
  4. View published post
  5. Copy link address of 360 photo
  6. Update post
    • Go to “Source” tab
    • Change the “<a href…>…</a>” statement into above “vr url=… view 360”
    • Paste copied link address of 360 photo into the “vr url=… view 360” statement
  7. Republish post
  8. Check 360 photo

To view

  1. Click the “Play” button or the globe icon in the upper right corner then drag around
  2. Click the “Full Screen” button in the lower right corner to view full screen
  3. Strange, just found out in my Android Smartphone there’s no full screen option :(

Note that in local writer, 360 photo is not shown, only the statement.
No worries, check the online published version and the 360 photo is displayed accordingly.

All the best to your 360 photos!


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