JJRC Baby Elfie Drone Quick Start Guide

Designed to be quick and easy.
Turned out there really are lots of details to cope with.
Oh well, I believe this is still a better alternative than the manual that came with the drone.

FIRST FLIGHT – Controller

  1. Remove Drone Battery
    • Squeeze the two flaps in the middle of the battery
    • Pull the battery out
  2. Recharge the battery
    • Plug the included USB cable into the USB port
    • Plug the other end to the battery
    • Charger lights up while charging
    • The battery is fully charged when the light turns off
  3. Put Batteries In
    • Put to the drone its fully-charged battery
    • Open remote controller, bit tricky but the idea is push top forward, bottom backward
    • Put two AAA batteries to the remote controller and close it
  4. Open the propellers
    • Pull out 4 propellers
  5. Pair Drone with Remote Controller
    • Press the drone power button, lights will turn on and flicker
    • Turn the remote controller on, you will hear a beep
    • Long press the right button, release when you hear a beep
    • Press up the remote controller’s joystick then press down
    • You will hear double beep and the drone’s light steadies
  6. Turn On the Propeller
    • Press the joystick down
    • Drone propellers start but stays on the ground
    • Orient the drone such that power button is close to you and the camera is in front
  7. Drone Take-off
    • Hold the controller steady
    • Gently push the joystick up to move the drone upwards
      Go easy on this on your first try, takes some practice to gain full control
    • Release the joystick to hover or stop
      Try to keep the controller steady or gently move left or right
    • Gently push the joystick down to move the drone downwards
    • Press the down button to stop the drone and land
      Make sure drone is low enough, otherwise it could be a destructive drop
      Quite a tough drone though, doesn’t seem to mind bumps and drops

FIRST FLIGHT – Smartphone App

Screenshot_20180520-195331The idea is that you turn on the controllers, the arrows and the up-arrow to get the engine running.
Once the propeller starts, use the altitude and direction controllers to fly the drone.
Details as follow:

Process after running the app would be:

  1. Turn drone on
  2. Connect app with the drone
  3. Turn controller ON or OFF
  4. Turn power controller ON or OFF
  5. Turn on drone
  6. Fly up by sliding left controller up
  7. Go forward/backward/left or right by sliding right controller up/down/left or right
  8. Beginners need to get familiar with the STOP button for emergency stop

Screenshot_20180520-195343The simple operations are:

  1. Go Up or Down
    Slide left controller up or down
  2. Rotate
    Sliding left controller left or right
  3. Forward/Backward/Left or Right
    Slide right con


  1. Headless Mode
    This is so you can easily take selfies.
    The drone flies in specific position regardless of where the camera is.
    Steps as follow:
    • Tap the settings Gear Icon to pop-up sub-menu
    • Tap the NEWS Compass icon to activate headless mode


  1. Install and run the app
  2. Connect smartphone to drone
  3. Tap photo or video to take them


  1. Lights are controlled only by the handheld controller, app can’t turn it off to save battery life
  2. Camera recording are controlled only by app, not by controller


_20180520_201919I flew my drone in the open field with nearby trees.
Seemed to have lost control of altitude so I press the STOP button while it is still up like 20′ high.
Dropped on concrete pavement with one of the propeller first.
Notice afterwards that one propeller runs randomly, until it finally won’t turn on.
Drone can’t be controlled with just 3 propellers running.
Dismantled and tried to fix but it seems the engine is broken.
At least was able to salvage the camera.

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