3D Drawing and Printing

Annotation 2019-04-01 113326Just few details about this activity.
This is sample object I’ve created to see if 3D printed object could be of any use.
This is part of my computer keyboard that was broken.
It is small enough to be created quickly, yet have to print and see if it’ll fit.


You create design using a drawing software.
TinkerCAD is one of the most popular for beginner being easier to use than standard engineering software.
It is online only software and free, so everyone can learn how to use it.

Once design is completed, it is necessary to export to a file format that can be used for printing.
The commonly used file format is STL file.
STL is short for STEREO LITHOGRAPHIC, for sure STL will be easier to remember.

The STL file then needs to be configured for printing.
Configuration is mostly for:

  1. Scale
  2. Printing mode
  3. Etc…

Mostly we use Makerbot printer.

TinkerCAD files

  1. Online files – where designs are created
  2. STL files – the exported or downloaded file that needs to be converted into printer specific format

Makerbot files

  1. filename.print – The project file containing the files that needs to be configured for printing
  2. filename.makerbot – The file that will be used by Makerbot for printing. Usually in a USB drive plugged to the 3D printer.

Wish List

A 3D object file format that can be printed directly from any software to any 3D printer.
An affordably priced colored 3D printer.


  1. Create drawing using 3D software TinkerCAD, Fusion 3D, etc…
  2. Export drawing usually to STL to your USB drive
  3. Create 3D printer file using printer software MakerBot, etc…
  4. Import STL file into 3D printer file
  5. Update configuration, normally scale needs to be adjusted for actual printing size
  6. Export 3D file for printing to USB drive
  7. Safely eject USB drive and plug to 3D printer
  8. 3D print and ENJOY!

Virtual Tour Welcome

Where you can take a tour of the site at the comfort of your computer.
Similar to Google Maps Street View like this tour link.

For sample tours, please let me know so I can provide access.
Access should not be shared and you agree to below terms and condition of use.
Please click here to view sample tours with code shared only for you.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!


  1. Code granted to access the site should not be shared.
  2. Tour should be used for personal purposes only.
  3. Any questions please “Leave a Reply” below.

Technology – Home


360 Virtual Tour

Could save you some money and travel time if you plan to just have some idea about how the place looks. It got VR mode too, for a more high tech viewing experience.

Works pretty much like Google Maps on Street View, where you can move on any direction and view all around.

Also a neat tool for home inspection, where all visual requirements are properly documented.

Please request for sample 360 Virtual Tour in below “Leave a Reply”.

3D Object

3D_ThreadWelcome to the 3D world, where engineering combines with creativity to come up with 3D objects that can be printed and put to use.



A more convenient way of dealing with those nasty bathtub clogs. Simply put this soft silicon gadget on the drain and stop worrying about clogged tub.

Cleaning this silicon cover is much better than having to deal with clogged drainage. Sure is a cheaper solution too, compared to putting in those chemicals for water to drain quickly. No more items falling down that tub drain too.

This works well if tub is being for shower. Would be nice if it could be configured to hold water too. Maybe next generation design. For sure it can be redesigned so it can be used on bathtub for both showering and soaking. Let me know if any manufacturer needs a prototype.