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Canadays of our Lives-2018 Sep

30 Sun – Bramalea, BBC and

29 Sat – Bramalea,

28 Fri – Bramalea, BMO, MML and

27 Thu – Bramalea, BMO, MML and

26 Wed – Bramalea, BMO, MML and

25 Tue – Bramalea, BMO, MML and

24 Mon – Bramalea,

23 Sun – Bramalea, BBC and

22 Sat – Bramalea,

21 Fri – Bramalea, BMO, MML and

20 Thu – Bramalea, BMO, MML and

19 Wed – Bramalea, MGR,  MGL, Eglinton and BMO
Drove to my workplace office thru highway.
Usual busy super job.
Drove to Carinderia near son’s workplace had arroz caldo.
Drove to son’s workplace, picked him up.
Drove to wife’s workplace picked her up.
Drove home.

18 Tue – Bramalea, BMO, MGR, MGL and Shopper’s World
Drove wife to her workplace then to mine.
Usual super job.
Picked up wife then drove to Shopper’s World.
Drove home.

17 Mon – Bramalea, BMO, MGL, MGR and Oceans
Drove wife to her workplace then to mine.
Drove back and forth twice to from office site.
Left site 5pm picked up wife.
Drove to Oceans wife did groceries then we drove home.

16 Sun – Bramalea, BBC, Dixie Mall, Warehouse Sale and Walmart
Drove with wife to BBC, took 360 pics of construction then attended service.
Drove to Dixie Mall, had snack at KinKin then shopped at Nike store.
Bought some pasalubongs there then drove to Warehouse Sale for more.
Drove to Walmart did groceries and pasalubongs then drove home.
Drove family to St Fischer then picked them up.
Agreed with church friend to drop us off airport on 26th 8pm.
Drove to Wendy’s had dinner then drove home.
Had family meeting for vacation, agreed on following checklist:

  1. Shutdown water
  2. Shutdown electricity
  3. Lock doors and windows
  4. Put oil on toilet to avoid evaporation and stinking

Researched on:

  1. GSV (Google Street View) publication and Snapseed
  2. Balay Dako

15 Sat – Bramalea, Eglinton
Drove son to his workplace then back home.
Put back shed in the backyard.
Put shed in garage storage.
Got phone call from cousin about vacation and house-sitting.

14 Fri – Bramalea, BMO, MGR, MGL, CostCo and Eglinton
Drove wife to her workplace then to mine.
Drove to site, back to office for computer login then back to site.
Got lost on way back to office, have to stop reset GPS before finding office.
Picked up wife then drove to CostCo Heartland did groceries.
Picked up 2nd son then drove home.

13 Thu – Bramalea, BMO, MGR and McDo
Drove 2nd son to his workplace then wife to her.
Got call from manager, was assigned to Gran Columbia.
Drove to site office early, had lunch at Millway Plaza, did pasalubong shopping too.
Drove to site office, chatted with co-worker super.
Drove to site did orientation.
Picked up wife the drove home.

12 Wed – Bramalea, BMO, Food Basics, Ching Park and Eglinton
Busy asphalt road construction day in our area.
Drove wife to her workplace.
Drove to Food Basics did groceries.
Drove home then son to his workplace then back home again.
Walked to Ching Park took 360 photos and video.
Picked up wife, grocery at Food Basics then drove home.
Closed/unsubscribed to Monster and ReferHire.
Asphalt road construction completed.

11 Tue – Bramalea, Eglinton, Walmart, McDo and BCC
The Vinci Resolve 360 video editing software.
Drove with wife and 2nd son to his workplace.
Drove to Walmart did groceries and some pasalubongs.
Drove to McDo had all-day breakfast/lunch using coupons.
Drove to BCC did shopping then drove home.
Numbered 20 baggage locks, kept a separate copy of keys.
Filled coin album.
Paid online Freedom mobile from RBC chequing $150.

10 Mon – Bramalea and Eglinton
Drove 2nd son to his workplace on a rainy day.
Drove home.
Applied to Triple M Metal for Analyst Programmer opportunity.

09 Sun – Bramalea, BBC and Subway
Walked to BBC alone attended service.
Building Permit finally issue.
Walked back home, bought soup and sandwich at Subway.

08 Sat – Bramalea, Eglinton, Oceans and Herkley
Drove 2nd son to work then drove home.
Drove to Oceans had foot massage while wife had body massage.
Almost had accident in the parking lot:
Car arrived as I was getting out of parking lot, signal light blinking.
He drove past me, I thought he wants to park in my spot.
I kept getting out of my parking, he backed up to me.
I thought he would stop but he just kept backing up.
I honked at he stopped. Had I not honked, he could’ve hit me.
Drove home then remembered have to pickup pasalubong to/from my sisters.
Drove to Herkley picked up her heavy dark choco pasalubong.
Along the way, mentioned nice veggie soup from Caribbean restaurant.
Drove home, forgot about soup :(

07 Fri – Bramalea, TQP (Top Quality Plastics), BMO and
Drove eldest son to workplace, arrived like 20 minutes early.
Waited in their parking lot for few minutes then drove home.
Renewed my driver’s license online, provided feedback requesting smarter system.
Smarter system knows which card needs renewal.
Drove wife to her workplace then drove home.
Part of Derry closed by police, lost for a long while before finally finding way home.
Paid Walmart online from my RBC.
Picked up eldest son, dropped him off Ching Park bus stop.
Drove to wife’s workplace waited then drove home.

06 Thu – Bramalea, Wentworth, BMO and MML
Emailed work indefinite leave, agreed to send somebody on site.
Drove eldest son to his workplace.
Drove wife to her workplace then drove home.
Reviewed Device Magic eForms.
Researched on Uber Eats.
Picked up eldest son from work and dropped him off near home.
Drove to MML got 360 cam, gave tools back to cleaner.
Picked up wife, bought food from Elsa’s then drove home.
Middle son bought pizza combo.
Loaded $25 fuel full tank.

05 Wed – Bramalea, BMO, MML, Meadowvale Town Centre and BCC
Usual trip to workplaces.
Usual jobs.
Left past 2pm, gone to clinic nearby.
Surprised to see it’s closed at 1:30pm on Wednesdays :(
Drove to Meadowvale Town Centre, had Vietnamese chicken soup
Walked to nearby CTC, window shopped.
Picked up wife then drove to BCC.
Registered at our walk-in clinic, waited around an hour for checkup.
Bought a drink at Shoppers World next door.
Noticed express checkout counters, no one’s using it.
Long que at lone counter, used the express counter, paid $.99 in a zippy :)
Got back waited at the clinic, wife had soup dinner at Thai Express in food court.
Was checked and given hot drink with honey and Flonase prescription.
Drove home.

04 Tue – Bramalea, BMO, MAG and BBC
Usual route to workplaces.
Usual jobs.
Dropped by BCC parked in the 2nd floor.
Had spicy Thai soup for my cough.
Drove home.

03 Mon – Bramalea,
Backed up files to my 2TB external drive.
Updated myxcopy to include drives C and F.
Walked to BCC discussed about medical equipment and car gadget projects.

02 Sun – Bramalea, BBC, Padua, Sobeys and Fischer
Drove with wife to BBC attended service.
Drove home then son to Padua.
Grocery at Sobeys, snacked at McKays then picked up son.
Drove home then to Fischer and picked them up after around an hour.

01 Sat – Bramalea
Paid Walmart online $30.