Photoshop – Creating GIF

Sample GIF:


Long time ago, there was “Image Relay” module for making GIF.
Fast forward more than 10 years with Adobe Photoshop Element 11, you simple “Save for web…”

Steps as follow:

  1. Load each picture
  2. Pick one of the picture to build the GIF and add a layer for each other pictures
  3. Copy and paste each other pictures to their own layer
  4. Arrange each layer as required, “Background” of course being the last but first to display in GIF
  5. Click “File”, “Save for web…”
  6. Activate the “Animate” box and adjust “Frame Delay”
  7. Click the “Play” button to check result, or “Preview” for bigger picture on browser
  8. Adjust as needed and click “Save” then specify file location and name

Note that new GIF file will be created keeping previous pictures intact.

WordPress App Test Blog from Home

Been awhile since I’ve installed WP app but yet have to test how it goes publishing from it. For sure, short quick blogs would be fine but long writings would be much more efficient with a keyboard instead of tiny touchscreen.

Let’s see how it goes with this short quip and below pic just snapped from within this app:

Pic is of my home office workstation, connected to WiFi inkjet printer but by cable to a laser printer.

For now composing from home connected to WiFi, hence expecting publishing to be a snap. Will try out later creating another story outdoor using data plan to upload.

I wish I could share drafts from this app to my workstation. Have to publish and retrieve to achieve that, bit of a hassle but workable until I figure out how to access draft from the clouds. The idea is to quickly note main points and continue with details in my workstation.

Cool, worked well! Checked on my workstation, made corrections on app, added categories and tags too. All went well.