Our First Projector Doodles


Sure was one of the most exciting day of our sessions – the day we learned how to doodle!!!

At first we tried to setup the network, just so we can project our monitor without having to use the USB nor going to my blogsite.  ‘Lunch break’s almost over and we still have not much progress, so I have to try the male-to-male USB A to I guess USB B connection in the projector.

It was good as there was immediate response from my netbook, saying it detective something then installed something which took awhile, I almost shut it down.  It finally finished though, with the circle displayed in my monitor for the calibration.  I was expecting to see the calibration circle in the wall but I’ve seen I’m not connected to the VGA cable.  So I connected it, brought the pen to the wall, tap the centre of the circle and the next one appeared, yahoo!!!  It’s working but still have not much idea what’ll be next.

Continued with the basic calibration until if finished from upper left corner to lower right corner, then my desktop appeared.  I tap the desktop and it responded like a mouse click, looking good :)

I was able to load the PPS file I’ve earlier presented, tried to use the remote control page up/down but it did not work, so I keep using the pen.  I was able to skip to the next slide by tapping the pen to the wall, which is equivalent to a mouse click.  I hold the button and tap the wall, which is equivalent to right mouse-click, and the pop-up menu appeared.

I remember doodling from pop-up menu during presentation, tried it using the pen on the wall and it worked, started writing and was able to write lot more.  I still am not sure how to save the doodles so I just screen capture and saved the file.  We tried to share our excitement with our teachers but they’re on the phone.  Finally our teacher came and joined us in doodling.  We look forward training the ICTC and JVS folks on setup and utilization of the projector pens.

When I close the PPS file, a prompt appears asking about saving the annotations.  Now I figured, all doodles are actually from within PowerPoint and it could be saved as annotations.  Tested it at home and lo and behold, doodles are there with PPS file.

Moving forward, it’ll be more complicated setting it up for network use.  This is when other computers connected to the network can project their desktop to the projector.  I really am not sure if we need that in our class but maybe it’s worth achieving.  My priorities though is to train ICTC and JVS folks on how to setup this projector and use it within the room.  Given three more training weeks, I guess we could accomplish them all.


No messy ink and doodles (actually Powerpoint annotations) are being saved.  Cool!!!

Thanks Mr Vijay for capturing the exciting moment using your cellphone camera.

For my last doodle for the class, please check this video: http://youtu.be/BVUGOFzQj5M


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