360 Degrees Photo – Our Winter Backyard

Awesome, finally worked!!! Please see below for details – Enjoy!!!

I never thought it is actually this easy.
First, to enjoy the full 360 degrees glory, do as follow:

  1. Mouse-over the globe at the upper-right corner of the picture, you’ll see the “Click to explore 360 photo” message.
    Actually you can just click wherever in the picture.
  2. Drag up/down/right/left to view that part of the picture.

If you have touchscreen, do similarly:

  1. Tap any part of the picture.
  2. Swipe up/down/right/left to view that part of the picture.

Tip for better viewing experience, drag/swipe in just small distances.
And oh, to see the picture in full screen, click or tap the circle with brackets at the lower-right corner.
To get back to previous view, press the [Esc] key or click/tap the lower-right corner.

Pardon the low quality view, this is my first blogged 360 Picture.
More on getting the technicalities in setting it up for now.
This was actually first published in FB.
A lot easier there as you just upload the 360 picture and it is automatically setup.
Hopefully will soon publish better quality 360 photos.

For those who have VR glasses, following is the view from my Android Smartphone:

Screenshot (December 18, 2016 10-41 PM)

I was expecting the full screen view but there’s no option for than.