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Learning Google Sheets: Linking To Cell

The goal is to create a link in a spreadsheet to quickly go to another cell.
Another cell may be within the same tab, different tab or on separate spreadsheet.
I searched the web and found on first page of Google search only solutions that involved writing codes.
I thought that writing codes is the only way to achieve linking to another cell.
I wasn’t happy with my initial finds so I kept searching other pages of search results.
Then I found something that looked promising, not to mention very easy :)

Didn’t really thought it was the solution until I tried it and found it it worked perfectly!
Further, so glad to have figured out a way to be able to specify the cell address you want to go to.
In my sample video, same link address to “C3” was copied then re-pasted and updated to “C5”.

To summarize, here are the two ways of linking to specific cell:

  1. Start from source cell and specify the destination cell
  2. Start from destination cell, copy its link address and paste it to source cell

I’ve created screen capture and one minute YouTube video showing this.
Video is not much of a techno marvel but I hope the idea could be seen.
Click on the image below to see how the video goes: